What are the reasons for Nausea After Eating?

I’m a 26 year bachelor, presently residing in New York.

From the last few days, I feel like vomiting after taking every bite and it happens after every 20 minutes if I have anything. I had never experienced this kind of symptoms and now I’m in great fear. It seems that I have lost my hunger. Few days ago, I have consulted with my doctor and he told me to stop overeating and control my sugar consumption. But still it’s happening to me.

It seems that I am experiencing food poisoning, but it happens only if I’ve something otherwise it is alright. Do you think that there are any possibilities of the symptom?

Should I stop eating junk food, I think it may be one reason for that.

Please help me if you have experienced these kinds of signs anytime and also let me know what are the reasons of nausea after eating?


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