Nourishing your body before and after a workout

You understand the benefits of working out, that is the reason you are on this page. As an exercise fan, you must understand the significance of nutrition and the appropriate timing for feeding the body.

The significance of pre and post work out nutrition

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Before you start your work out, your body should have the energy to go through the session with ease. Nutrition plays a vital role in the sustenance of a work out regime. You need stamina and energy for the session, which is given by food that you consume. Eating appropriately before a workout will ensure that you enjoy the session and there won’t be an issue in extending the duration of the workout.

Eating after a workout is equally important, this ensures that the body is replenished with nutrients. Proteins and carbohydrates are important after a workout session. The body needs energy to recover and muscles require proteins to be repaired. Skipping a meal after a workout is out of the window.

The window for eating before and after a workout

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This is important for the simple fact that you do not want to throw out the food in the middle of your workout. Secondly, you do not want to be drained of energy after the work out. Lack of appropriate nutrition may result in a black out too.

You should eat at least 45 minutes before a session, an hour will be better. An hour after the work out is also appropriate. Some experts go by another formula, a window of three to four hours in between. This means that there is a gap of three to four hours between your pre and post work out meal. The time window will give you ample time in between, you can adjust the routine flexibly. Else, the one hour before and after is a time tested successful idea.

What to eat?

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Let me tell you what to avoid first, never take vitamins on an empty stomach. This could upset you stomach, as the fat-soluble vitamins need food as a medium to reach the cells. There is no point taking sports or so-called energy drinks while exercising, they just add calories without nutrition. Water is the best option, before, during and after exercising, as it will keep the body hydrated. Runners, especially, need to be very sure about keeping their body hydrated. Aside from this, they would find several products online to help make their running chore easier than otherwise. See more here, if you are looking for such products.

Eating proteins and carbohydrates before a work out is suggested. After the workout, eat foods like nuts, which will supply vitamins and protein to the body. As we have discussed earlier, protein is required to build and repair muscles. Fruits and eggs are also suggested after a workout.

Feeding the body appropriately before and after the workout is essential for the regime to be effective. You will get better results and a joyous feeling.

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