Natural Methods for Treating High Testosterone Levels in Women

Testosterone Levels

Women naturally posses one-tenth of the testosterone levels to that of men. It is because of certain reasons that, sometimes, these testosterone levels go beyond the normal threshold in women. There is no hard and fast rule regarding what raises these levels, but there are reasons such as an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise that may lead to this issue in females.



When such a condition arises, it leads to male symptoms like excessive hair, irregular menses, and acne in women. Hence it is important to keep the testosterone levels in women under control. This can be achieved by medical procedures and also by natural methods, a few of which are listed down below: 

Move and shake:


Almost every physical issue that arises in your body can be resolved by regular exercise. Take help of a professional trainer to guide you through the do’s and don’ts of exercise which will pave way for your reduced testosterone. Also, don’t forget to be consistent with your exercise routine.

It is best to include mild exercises in the beginning while raising your bar each day. Plenty of clinical studies have shown that testosterone, free testosterone, and androgens can all be decreased in amounts with the help of the right kind of physical exercise.

Watch your diet:


What you eat is what you become. Watch what makes its way into your diet in order to bring about good and beneficial changes in your physical aspect. Also, there are certain foods that increase the female hormone, oestrogen, content in your body. Use them more often to counter this issue.

  • Soy:

Soy and soy products are high in protein and also increase the oestrogen content in your body. Consume a bowl of soy each day in order to address your testosterone issue.

  • Flax seeds:

Though not oestrogen, flax seeds contain a compound called lignans that are known to induce the same effect as oestrogen in the body. Make it a point to include flax seeds in your diet on a regular basis.

  • Low fat:

It is common knowledge that testosterone needs fats to produce itself. Without enough fat, the testosterone levels in the body will begin to dwindle, thereby reducing their amount considerably.

Reduce smoking and drinking:


Cigarettes and alcohol are known to bring about serious changes in hormones of the consumer. If you are a regular smoker or drinker and are also suffering from high male hormone problem, it is probably due to your habit. It is nothing but a wise choice to give up on both of these habits not just to bring your male hormone issue under control, but also to save yourself and your body from every other problem that smoking and drinking poses.

Try out dietary supplements:

medical product

If nothing else works, you can always resort to food supplements to help you out with this same issue. There are various medical products on the market that claim to reduce the testosterone levels in women.

You can take the help of any one such product, provided it is exactly how its makers claim it to be. Check for its organic and natural content before consuming it. Many people are known to have been benefiting from such supplement, and you can too. 

Summing it up:

The methods mentioned above are not guaranteed to work for everyone. Every female’s body responds differently to every method, and hence you should try and work your way around them and find out which exactly works for yours.

Remember that these techniques can be handled by you alone. Even after all these processes if your testosterone levels refuse to go down, don’t hesitate to approach a professional and seek medical aid.

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