How to make your own natural body lotion?

You can make your own body lotion if you are bored using all the chemical based lotion. Most people think that it is difficult to prepare lotion at home but it is very simple and easy to make your own body lotion. Homemade lotions are devoid of harsh chemicals. You can also gift them to your family members and friends who even like using it.

Difficulty level


Time required

30 minutes maximum

Resources required to prepare lotion

1. Spatula, blender

2. Double pot with the measuring instrument

3. 2 Pyrex containers: – one large and the other small

4. ¾ cup of pure oil. You can use almond oil as it does not form a greasy film. Almond oil is easily available in almost all the departmental stores.

5. Wax. The best wax to be used is beeswax that should be 100% pure. Add 2 tablespoons of beeswax and avoid using other wax since they are prepared of petroleum by-products. Then add 30 drops of oil. Prefer Lavender oil as it is good for all types of skin and also is bit fragrant. Don’t use aromatic oil because they are mainly prepared by synthetic.

Glass jar to store lotion


1. Take a big Pyrex container and pour the oil after measuring it.

2. Then pour the liquid after measuring it into the smaller Pyrex container.

3. Add emulsifiers or thickeners to the oil. Don’t forget to add Xantham gum to the water base.

4. Then add the borax to the water base.

5. Fill the pot to ¼ with water and then add both containers to the water bath. Place it on the stove and allow the water to get heated.

6. Stir with two different wooden sticks frequently so that the borax can be dissolved in water and the waxes and oil can be combined. Take both the containers out as soon as the waxes dissolve.

7. Mix the liquid base and then pour 1/8 teaspoon Xantham gum into the quid for 2 min with the hand mixer. You will notice small bubbles and the mixture will become thicker than water.

8. Mix oil base with the hand mixer and then slowly pour the liquid base into the oil. You will notify a whitish creamy substance. Mix it for at least 10 minutes.

9. The lotion is almost ready. Just add the necessary oil and mix them for at least 2 min.

10. Then fill the prepared lotion into your sterilized jar. Keep the lotion in a cool dry place so that it can be used for longer time.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the cost of total process for preparing the lotion?

Ans: The total process does not cost more than Rs. 150.

2. Is it rich oily lotion and will it work with all the types of the skin?

Ans: Yes, this lotion is very good for dry skin and is beneficial for all the types of skin and is easily absorbed by the skin.

3. Can this lotion be used for the selling purpose?

Ans: This lotion does not contain any preservatives; therefore, it should not be used for selling purpose.

4. Where should this product be stored?

Ans: The prepared lotion should be preserved or stored in a refrigerator to be used for longer time.

Quick tips

1. This process is very easy to prepare natural body lotion. So, be cautious to use the correct amount of water base percentage and various oils.

2. This process in whole will not take more than 30 min. Hence, in very less time you can make lotion of your choice, which is chemically free.

Things to watch out for

It is recommended that before beginning with the process of making lotion, read thoroughly the instructions and directions provided. In case of any negative impact, contact your physician. It is always advised to first prepare less quantity of lotion. Consult aroma therapist or physician in case it has to be used by young children or pregnant women, before adding any essential oil in body lotion. It may be possible that firstly the lotion does not show any negative impact but later on it causes allergy problems; therefore, use oil only after the recommendation of the physician.

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