9 ways on how to use coffee for skincare and weight loss


Coffee is one of the most famous and popular beverages of the world.  There’s nothing more relaxing than having a cup of coffee in the morning which soothes your senses and makes you energized all day. Black coffee is considered to be more beneficial than the milk coffee which has some health benefits. Some of us have aware of the health benefits of the coffee but we didn’t know that coffee is very helpful in skin care too. Yes, you heard it right; coffee can be a part of your day to day skin care routine which can make your skin beautiful like never before. Let’s look at some point to see how to use coffee for skincare.

Different ways of how to use coffee for skincare

Prevent skin aging

 skin agingWe all know that Coffee is rich in its natural antioxidant.  The antioxidant can provide your skin with slow aging and thus makes you skin to age slower. That’s what Coffee does to your skin too. The antioxidant contains in coffee reverses the effects of wrinkles making your skin smooth and radical free.It improves your skin healthby making it look youthful and bright.

Natural sunscreen

sun exposureProtecting your face from the harsh sun is the most difficult task we all have. Exposure to the sun for 2 minutes can harm your face and can ruin its charm. We all have been using different sun screen which has the most harmful chemicals. Why not make a natural sun scream with coffee at home which itself is a natural sunscreen. Let’s make it at home.


  • coffee powder
  • A gentle body lotion.


  • Just take some coffee powder, mix it with a gentle body lotion of your choice and your sunscreen is ready.
  • Apply it to your face and make sure the lotion is completely absorbed into the skin before going out. It protects your skin and also makes it bright and sparkle.

Coffee scrub on skin

Coffee scrub on skinCoffee scrub on skin works the best result. Coffee is the just the best ingredient to clean your skin as itacts as a natural cleanser removing the dead cells and making your skin spotless. You will definitely witness the difference in your face. Just make an effort to include it in your day to day routine. This is one of the best cleansers for your skin. You will just need a few ingredients to make a natural scrub for your face at home.


  • Coffee powder
  • Sugar
  • Aloe- Vera juice


  • Take some Coffee powder in a bowl, add a half teaspoon of sugar and half teaspoon of aloe -Vera gel.
  • Blend it all together and apply on your face.
  • Just give your face a gentle massage for around 15 minutes and clean it with water. 

Coffee as a hair mask

hair growthWe all know that the length of your hair is completing dependent on your hair follicle. There are lots of benefits of coffee on hair as well. Coffee can be very useful in improving your hair growthin replenishing your hair follicles. You must have seen the usage of coffee in different hair products. By using these hair masks regularly as it will benefit your hair making it silky, smooth, and shining. But did you know, you can make amazing hair mask at home? Yes, make your hair mask at home with just2 of the ingredient.

Coffee and honey hair mask


  • Coffeepowder
  • honey

Method 1

  • Just add a few drops of honey in the coffee powder and mix it well. Apply to your hair as a hair mask and rinse it after 30 minutes. It will make your hair heath making it look shinier.

Coffee and Water hair mask


  • Coffee
  • Water

Method 2

  • Take a teaspoon of coffee and boil it in water.
  • Allow it to cool and rinse your hair with it.

Work best as Hair oil

Work best as Hair oilOne of the biggest benefits of Coffee on hair is using it as the hair oil. You can make your very own hair oil with the help of coffee and use it often to make your hair healthier. It works wonderfully and makes your hair stronger. Making it is very simple and easy.


  • Coffee beans
  • hair oil


  • Mix coffee beans and hair oil(of our choice) and put both in a pan, bring it to a boil in a slow flame.
  • Stir in between to make sure if the beans are completely dissolved. Let it rest and strain the mixture to remove lumps.
  • Allow it to cool and store it in a glass container.
  • Apply into your scalp the same way you use your normal hair oil.

Caffeine in weight loss

Caffeine in weight lossWe all know that coffee is rich in caffeine and caffeine boost the metabolic rate. Caffeine help in weight loss as it slows down your appetite and helps to eat less. But never exceed its limit just to fasten your weight loss. We should be aware of the amount of how much caffeine per day for weight loss is taken.It is recommended that having 200 mg of coffee everyday can help with weight loss. One should also go for black coffee as it proven to be the best in weight loss. It helps in burning the body fat due to increased activity.

Percentage of caffeine to make the best of it

Percentage of caffeineWe often say that excess of anything is not good for health. The same way, having too much coffee is not at all good for your body.  It can lead to insomnia, anxiety and some digestive issues. But, people often get confused about how much coffee they should consume per day. The amount of caffeine intake totally depends upon person to person.

However,experts say that intake of up to 400 mg of caffeine is safe for the adults. The high amount of caffeine will increase the blood level of the human and thus results in a risk of life. So make it a point that it does not cross the intake limit.

To get the best result out of coffee, always maintain your daily dose to enjoy it with every sip if it.

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