Myths about Conjunctivitis

It is the most common eye infection that often affects kids. There are certain myths believed regarding the same as mentioned here.

You can suffer from conjunctivitis when you look into the eyes of an infected personAlthough this is a common belief, it is totally ridiculous. It hampers the scientific view of the disease. Conjunctivitis is not an air borne disease that will have its germs embedded in the air. Thus, the germs never flow and affect one who is still not affected by the same. Conjunctivitis can only spread by means of physical contact with the infected person. Thus, the age old notion is totally a myth with no scientific reasoning to justify it.Conjunctivitis does not remain contagious if the infected person uses antibiotic eye dropsA common myth that exists regarding the disease that says conjunctivitis no longer remains contagious if the infected person uses antibiotic eye drops. It is fully misleading. Conjunctivitis is always contagious. Thus, eye drops can never change the general nature of the disease. So, even if a person uses eye drops, conjunctivitis will continue to affect another person who comes in physical contact with the infections. This myth will only mislead an individual make him/her confused whether to continue the basic precautions of the disease. But, it is also true that eye drops act as a method to lessen the suffering of the individual. But, you should never mistake it as a remedy for making the disease noninfectious.Conjunctivitis can cause permanent blindnessSome people believe that infectious conjunctivitis, which is commonly known as pink eye conjunctivitis, often makes the sufferer blind. Actually the symptoms of infectious conjunctivitis are more intense when compared to the one that are noninfectious. This develops a phobia among the masses, which has given birth to this notion. A person suffering from pink eye conjunctivitis might have more itching, more tear formation and more intense burning sensation. This can make the vision blurred. This blurriness is generally occurs in the initial days of the disease when the infection is at its peak. But it has got nothing to do with blindness. So, such a myth will only encourage incorrect views.Using eye drops heal conjunctivitis quicklyComments that say a person suffering from the disease can get immediate relief and fast recovery if he/she uses an antibiotic eye drop is a sheer falsehood. Do not go by all these false statements as they are completely incorrect. Conjunctivitis is a viral or bacterial infection that stays for about seven days. Once you get affected with the same it will remain till it completes its cycle. There is no medication that can lessen the days of suffering. The antibiotic eye drops only lessen the intensity of burning, itching, pain, and tear formation on occasion of the disease. Moreover, every time you apply eye drops the tears wash it away. So, the medicine can partly show its effects. Hence, such a myth will make you confused and waste your money.Infectious conjunctivitis occurs in children onlyInfectious conjunctivitis is mostly linked with children. This is a totally false statement, a myth. People arrive at such a conclusion because children are ignorant about the disease and how to stay safe from it. So, they assume that children can only get affected with infectious conjunctivitis. But, the reality is totally different. A study on the subject revealed that adults are as equally affected by infectious conjunctivitis as children. Actually, infectious conjunctivitis is caused from common illness, viruses, and bacteria. It is not restricted to any age group. So, everybody needs to stay protected from the disease.Wearing sunglasses while you are outdoors will help you get faster recoveryIt is commonly found that people suffering from conjunctivitis wear sunglasses when they are outdoors. They do this to prevent the aggravation of infection. They also think that they will get healed quickly by doing so. Basically, sunglasses neither prevent infections nor cure the disease earlier. So, this is a complete myth and unscientific. Sunglasses are mainly worn in order to stay protected against social stigma regarding the disease. People believe in the myth that conjunctivitis spreads when we look at infected eyes. So, they prefer to stay away from such a situation. Conjunctivitis is not at all an air borne disease. Hence, the question of aggravation of the disease does not occur even when the eyes are naked. Sunglasses only serve to give protection to the eyes against sun and dust. So, wearing sunglasses is entirely subjective. It does not have any connection as such with the disease.Crowded places are dens of conjunctivitisThis myth originated because most people believe that the germs of conjunctivitis remain embedded in the air. These germs even get transmitted through air. So, people are prone to its attack when they are in crowded place. This is also a myth. It develops some false views about the disease. The germs of the disease can never spread through air. It can only affect you if you touch your eyes with your infected hands after immediate physical contact with a person who is affected by conjunctivitis.

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