Myths about Congestive Heart Failure

It is a disease that hampers the functioning of the heart. Here are mentioned certain myths that are believed regarding it.

Congestive heart failure will stop the functioning of my heartThis is the biggest myth about congestive heart failure. However, the truth is something else. It is a condition in which the heart becomes weaker than normal to pump out fresh blood. Thus, the blood moves at slower rate throughout the body and lesser amount of oxygen and other nutrients are pumped out of the heart to meet body’s basic needs. It is caused by the weakening of walls of heart muscle because of many reasons. Under such conditions, the kidneys respond by making the body to retain fluids and sodium. These fluids get stored in various organs and make the body congested. The entire condition is then referred to as congestive heart failure by doctors.Congestive heart failure is an incurable diseaseMany people believe that congestive heart failure is incurable and may continue to be a hassle for life time. However, with some precautions and proper medications, the worst can be avoided. It is important to have a timely consultation with an expert doctor whenever you find the symptoms of heart failure in your body. These can be in the form of unexplained weight gain, swelling in ankles, short breath, bloating in the stomach with loss of appetite or nausea, extreme fatigue, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, restlessness, dizziness, changes in sleep pattern, worsening respiratory infection, or cough.Congestive heart failure occurs suddenlyUnlike the heart attacks which occur when vessels carrying blood to the heart is blocked, the congestive heart failure is a chronic long term condition in almost all the cases. It has been found to develop suddenly in only some rare instances. The heart failure can affect right, left or both sides of the heart. It is basically an outcome of many conditions that damage the muscles of the heart. There are various such conditions. However, the most popular ones identified by experts are coronary artery disease (CAD), heart attack, and cardiomyopathy. Some conditions that make the heart overwork are also found to be responsible for heart failure. These include high blood pressure, valve diseases, thyroid disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and childhood heart defects.I should stop exercising after developing heart failureRegular exercises improves the overall health of the body as well as the heart. Unless your condition is extremely serious or suggested by the doctors, some physical activity should be a part of your daily routine. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week along with proper diets and monitoring to have a healthy heart. It strongly suggests to quit smoking as it raises the risk of many heart diseases and other chronic disorders. It is also necessary to follow a regular cardiovascular exercise program prescribed by the doctor to decrease the growth of heart failure in your body.Congestive heart failure doesn’t affect fit and strong peopleRemaining fit and strong is essential for enjoying the many colors of life, but it is not a license against heart failure. As already discussed above, there are many reasons that causes the heart failure. A similar view is shared by Richard Milani of Ochsner Health Center in New Orleans. He told USA Today that “fitness reduces the potency of risk factors, but it doesn’t eliminate them”.Congestive heart failure affects old people onlyMany people believe that heart failure is a direct consequence of getting old. Some also believe that it is genetic. However, it is important to understand that heart failure is a resultant of development of many conditions in your body. It is true that some of these conditions are more likely to grow in older people. But, this doesn’t ensure that children and youngsters are immune to heart failure. There are some people who believe that women do not develop heart diseases. However, more women die of heart diseases than due to breast cancer. It has been found that the combined use of birth control pills and smoking increases the heart risks up to 20 percent among women.Obesity is okayYou are wrong if you think that extra weight is okay. While obesity is in itself a kind of a disease, it can cause high blood pressure and diabetes. The growth of these two conditions trigger the chances of heart failure. Studies have found that obesity has an association with cardiomyopathy which is a disease of the heart muscle and high blood pressure.

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