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Myths about Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common problem, that often gets embarrasing. Further ahead are the top myths about it.

Bad breath is the result of poor hygiene.

A lot of people suffer from bad breath at some point or the other and this is something that can affect up to 90% of the population. However, as common belief would have it, bad breath is not the result of poor oral hygiene — however, that can be the case for a few cases but not for the majority of them. A lot of people who are particular about hygiene also suffer from bad breath and because of this myth they end up scrubbing, gargling, flossing and brushing to the extent that it just leads to another dental issue. In fact, most of the mouthwashes and toothpastes have ingredients that actually enhance bad breath. Hence, constant bad breath or chronic halitosis is a physiological or a genetic condition and is not related to oral hygiene.

In order to treat bad breath you must start using expensive products.

Most expensive oral or dental care products normally take care of masking up the problem and does not resolve the problem in entirety. However, there are only a limited number of products that do give you results. So if you think that using expensive products would cure you of bad breath, then you are just wasting money as most of them contain the same ingredients as those written in a home remedy for getting rid of bad breath. So, spending money is not the criteria when you can supplement it for a cheaper home remedy.

Bad breath can be masked temporarily.

Instead of masking your bad breath problem by using sprays and mints, you can end up with a worst situation by overusing them. The ingredients in sprays and mints actually end up providing bacteria a hospitable environment to flourish inside your mouth. Therefore, you must seek medical help in trying to find out the actual cause of the problem rather than finding quick fix methods for the same.

Bad breath is originated in the stomach.

A few years back, a lot of people were of the opinion that bad breath was originated in stomach and there was also a hype going on about curing bad breath with some pills. However, later on the FDA took legal action against the manufacturers of those pills with their false claims. Bad breath produced by the stomach is an extremely rare instance which occurs due to some medical conditions. The origin of bad breath from the stomach is completely untrue.

Bad breath has no cure.

Bad breath can actually be cured once the root of the problem is diagnosed. A person suffering from halitosis should visit a clinic that specializes in the same. Through the tests you can know the root of the problem and your treatment can then be effectively carried out. On the other hand, if going to the doctor is not suitable to you, then you can try using some home remedies that are equally effective.

You can tell how bad your breath smells if you blow into your hand.Blowing into your cupped hands does not give a foolproof account of how foul your breath smells and is a very ineffective manner of analyzing the odor of your breath. The reason is that you cannot effectively smell your breath as your olfactory sense is already accustomed to the smell inside your mouth. The best way to check bad breath is to lick the behind of your hand and then wait for 15 seconds. After it is dry, smell it and if it smells weird, then you might suspect a breath problem.You will not have bad breath if you keep brushing your teeth daily.Brushing your teeth daily is not a sure shot formula for preventing bad breath. A lot of people only end up brushing their teeth for around 30-45 seconds which is not enough. You should clean your teeth from all angles carefully for about two minutes twice a day. Do give a lot of importance to cleaning/brushing your tongue as this is where the bacteria thrive. It is also important to floss your teeth in order to remove the food particles and plaque stuck between your teeth.

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