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Must have foods to avoid formation of cellulite

Fat cells under the skin cause small bump or dimple like structures on the surface of the skin, this formation is known as cellulite. Women are more prone to develop cellulite than men. When the fibrous cords of connective tissue pull down and the fat cells push up, the skin surface takes the loose appearance of orange peel or cottage cheese. Cellulite generally forms on upper arms, thighs, breasts, pelvic area, stomach, etc. It is caused due to several factors varying from hormonal factors and genetics to diet, lifestyle and clothing. Diet can not remove cellulite but if you have a diet consisting of plenty of fluids, fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices, one can avoid the formation of ugly looking cellulite.


Fruits should be a must have in your diet if you want to avoid the formation of cellulite as they include high amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, nutrients and water. Fresh fruits hinder the growth of fat cells in the body as they are low on calories, not only this, they have rich amount of cellulose present in them, which is necessary for forming a good cell structure and a glowing skin. Fruits eaten in their raw form are even better to avoid the formation of cellulite. Fruits rich in vitamin C like oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, raspberries, blackberries, watermelon, mangoes, etc. fight the formation of cellulite by strengthening collagen and increasing the skin elasticity.


Vegetables, like fruits also provide essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which protect our body from the formation of cellulite. Vegetables also help in healing the damaged connective tissues which are responsible for cellulite formation. Vegetables like green, yellow and red peppers, broccoli, cucumber, fennel leeks, carrots, salad leaves, tomatoes, cabbage, baked and sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, which are highly effective to avoid the formation of cellulite. Flavonoids present in beans, spinach onions and garlic are also good for skin’s elasticity. Vegetables are high in fiber content and low on fat, so the consumption of a vegetable rich diet helps in the reduction of cellulite.

Whole grain cereals

Whole grains and cereals, in your daily diet can prevent the formation of cellulite on your body. Whole grains and cereals, grown organically maintain a high fiber and natural nutrient content in them. High fiber content and complex carbohydrates present in whole grains and cereals break down easily providing a better metabolic rate to the body. Its fiber content keeps you full for longer periods thus avoiding an unnecessary calorie intake. All these factors result in less formation of fat cell in body which in turn avoid the formation of cellulite in the body. Whole grains which treat and prevent cellulite are brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat, chick peas, corn and cornflakes, etc.


Legumes are excellent for protein and fiber contents. Proteins derived from the plant source are better than the proteins derived from the animal source as they are lower on fat content, thus preventing the body to form bumpy looking cellulite. The fiber content present in legumes decrease the hunger pangs as its expanding quality keeps you full for a longer period of time. Legumes can be eaten in form of sprouts, snacks, soups, salads and can even be mixed with rice and meat to make lip smacking recipe. Not only this, legumes also provide the body with iron, zinc, folic acid, calcium and riboflavin which all contribute in some way or the other to prevent formation of cellulite.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are a magnificent source of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, nutrients and essential fatty acids. Nuts are also a rich source of the antioxidant vitamin E. Vitamin E is believed to be an excellent source for the elasticity of skin and healing of skin. Several anticellulite creams claim to have extracts of nuts to prevent and reduce the formation of cellulite. Nuts and seeds such as sunflower seeds, almonds, pistachios, cashews, peanuts, hazelnuts, etc. are not only a rich source of vitamin E but also make a tasty and healthy snack option. Peanut, almond and hazelnut butter also include rich amount of vitamin E.

Water and fluids

Water and water present in fruits and vegetables do not only make your skin healthy and supple but also flushes out the unnecessary toxins from the body which are a hindrance in ingesting protein synthesis from food. Protein synthesis is good for avoiding the formation of cellulite as it prevents the damage of connective tissues. Coconut water, lemon water and vegetables and fruits with high water content like cucumbers, watermelon, grapes not only keep you hydrated but also carry the essential nutrients to the cells of your body and skin for their proper functioning.

Yogurt and kefir

Yogurt and kefir are dairy products and an excellent inclusion in diet for avoiding the formation of cellulite. Both these foods are a good source of protein and nutrients. People who are suffering from cellulite problem can also be benefited from probiotic yogurt as it helps to kill the harmful bacteria. Yogurt and kefir make a good food option as it is low in calories and thus help in avoiding the formation of fat cells. It is also a good source of potassium which helps your skin to get a balanced fluid supply. Consume at least 2 to 3 cups of yogurt daily to keep cellulite at bay.


Tuna promotes a fast metabolic rate in the body because of the hormone found in it called leptin. Leptin helps the body to get rid of the extra fat in the body which in turn avoids the formation of cellulite. Tuna is a variety of fish which contains abundant amount of omega 3 fatty acid and proteins which are good for skin. Tuna not only adds variety to your food but also improves your skin texture; a tuna sandwich is a healthy and tasty meal whereas tuna can also be added to salad.

Green tea

Green tea prevents the formation of cellulite. It helps to break the fat content in the body thus helping the body to get rid of accumulation of unnecessary fat tissues. It also helps to keep the body hydrated and helps in flushing out the useless toxins from the body. Drink 7 cups of green tea to keep yourself hydrated and to avoid the formation of cellulite. The tea herbal extracts are also used in anti cellulite creams.