Miraculous stress busting reiki routines


Reiki is the art of healing the body, mind and soul by passing universal energy in the body. This can either be done by a reiki master who channels this energy into the person whom he his healing or people can also practice self-healing by practicing reiki on their own. The method consists of deep breathing and complete relaxation. When energy passes through the body, people feel a kind of heal spreading through every organ. Negative energy pockets in the body are unblocked and there is a surge of positive energy, which is extremely relaxing and soothing. Reiki is an excellent stress busting routine without any negative side effects associated with medicines.

Reiki relaxation and healing technique

Reiki seems easy at the outset but involves a lot of practice. You can begin by practicing simple relaxation techniques. Sit in a comfortable pose or lie down. Relax yourself completely. Close your eyes and shut out disturbances. Easily open your palms without feeling the need to use energy for it. Feel the energy chorusing through you. You should have an easy smile on your face and bring in good thoughts in your mind. The principle of Reiki revolves around completely surrendering the body and mind and allowing energy of the universe to flow through you. Breathing from the abdomen is an integral part of Reiki. Do not expect complete relaxation the first time. For help, you can listen to Reiki chants or music, which is extremely soothing. You should take care that every part of your body is involved in this relaxation exercise.

Reiki headache relief technique

Relief from headache requires you to channel energy through your palms into the head area, forehead, eyes and neck. To begin, sit in an upright position. Hands should be placed on both sides of the behind of the head. Cup your hands when you touch the back of your head. Channel energy through your palms for a while. Then gradually remove hands and place one hand on the forehead and the other hand at the bottom point of your skull. Gently but firmly cradle your head. The third step of the exercise is to bring hands to brow level and cover your eyes. The other hand should be placed at the top of your head such that it touches the hand covering the brow. Hold your head firmly in this position and relax your body in order to allow uninhibited flow of energy. Once completed, you will feel extremely relaxed and free of emotional stress.

Reiki stress relief technique

To experience enhanced relaxation, close your eyes with your hands and breathe deeply in order to relax completely. Hands should be cupped and energy should flow through the palms into the eyes. This simple posture helps in relieving stress associated with excessive strain on the eye. In the next step, move your hands from the eyes to your temples. Let the energy flow into your temples for clearing tension in the mind. This is also a great headache reliever. Continue the exercise and place your hands on the back of the neck. Bring hands a little forward and cup the sides of your neck. This relieves stress along with improving the function of thyroid glands. The exercise can be practiced whenever you feel that your mind is excessively strained or overworked.

Reiki relaxation technique

Begin with covering your eyes with cupped hands and relaxing while breathing deeply from the abdomen. As you begin to feel relaxed, slide your hands down and place cupped hands above breasts. This aids drainage of lymphatic fluids. This is also detoxifying for the body. If you do it right, you can feel the warmth in your chest. Gradually move your hands lower to the sternum, which is just close to your heart. Cross your fingers at the center of the chest. This point is also called heart chakra. Feel the warmth coursing though you. This pose helps in restoring emotional equilibrium. As you begin to relax further, slide your hands over the stomach and reach below the navel. Position your hands just below the navel and centralize your energy.

Relaxation for nerves technique

When you are stressed, your nerves take a major brunt of the impact. So, it is very essential to heal the nerve centers of the body. This exercise is performed in standing position. Legs should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Left palm should be turned up and right palm should be turned down with hands at your side. Breathe deeply and rapidly. This kind of breathing brings energy into the solar plexus in your stomach region. Concentrate on the energy and feel it fill your stomach and the solar plexus. You have to breathe for a few minutes before you feel the energy. You should feel energy flowing into your body through your left palm and flowing out through the right palm. Once you feel energized, take a deep breath and hold it. Feel the energy. Within a few minutes, you can feel a rush of energy when you hold your breath. Do it as long as you are comfortable.

Reiki breathing technique

Breathing with the abdomen is a very profound Reiki procedure. The exercise can be done either sitting and lying down. When you breathe in, your abdomen should swell and when you exhale, your abdomen should reduce back to original position. You should concentrate and imagine that you are breathing in the universal energy. Reiki practitioners also suggest associating breathe with light. As you breathe in and the air flows into your body, imagine it reaching your energy chakras and lighting them up. This brings a huge surge of energy in the body. The effects can be felt only if you are alert and aware of the energy flow in the body.

Kenyoku ho Reiki technique

Dry bathing is a technique that can be used to prepare yourself for Reiki exercises. Sit in a comfortable position and practice deep breathing until you begin to feel relaxed. Once you are ready, bring the right hand near the left shoulder with palms facing down. Move your hand diagonally downwards until you reach the right hip. Repeat the same movement with the right hand by placing it near the left shoulder. Do it with the left hand and once more with the right hand. The exercise is best done in cross legged sitting position. This Reiki exercise is considered great for body detoxification. You can feel an immediate surge of energy in the body if you do it right. Remember to keep breathing uniformly and deeply all through the cleansing process.

Hatsurei ho meditation

Sit in a relaxed pose, close our eyes and concentrate on the energy point below your navel. You should be on your lap and palms should face down. Perform dry bathing. Once you begin to feel the energy, lift your hands straight up with palms facing upwards. Breathe in deeply and visualize the inflow of energy or light through your nostrils. When you feel the energy, lower your arms and place them back on in your lap. Continue breathing deeply and visualizing the flow of energy in and out of the body as you breath in and out. Involve every part of the body in the exercise. Continue until you are comfortable. If done right, you should feel the heat in your body.

Reiki Kotodama

Reiki music is one of the best ways of reducing stress and relaxing. There are different kinds of music that is used in Reiki healing. One of the most popular is drum beats. You can purchase Reiki music and use it to practice Reiki at home. Sit in a comfortable position and prepare yourself for Reiki by deep breathing exercises. Left palm should be facing up and right should be facing down. You can also perform the dry bath to trigger energy movement. Play the music and feel the vibrations and the waves created by it flowing through you. Continue breathing steadily and deeply. Breathing should be rhythmic. The vibrations of drum beats soothe an overworked mind and provide relief. Other kinds of Reiki music also have similar effect.

Karuna Reiki

Karuna Riki chant is a very powerful kind of Reiki practice. The vibrations and sounds of these chants envelope you in positive energy and negative energies are lifted. To enjoy heightened stress relieving benefits from this chant, lie down in the floor. Your back should be straight, you should face up and palms should be open to the sky. Concentrate on the energies in your body and shut out all external disturbances. With practice, you will be able to achieve a state known as “conscious sleeping”. When the music plays and you concentrate, you will be able to visualize yourself completely surrounded by bright white light. You will also experience weightlessness. People who have undergone this treatment report feeling negative waves coming out and leaving their bodies at great speed. This treatment leaves you with a feeling of euphoria.

Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki is similar to traditional Reiki practices. However, the difference is that in Kundalini Reiki, energies are focused at the energy chakras in the body. In other words, Kundalini Reiki is more specific in its approach to healing. The energy that a person receives is known as Kundalini Fire or Kundalini Energy. This energy is focused on the main Root Chakra. From this point, energy traverses to other chakras and in the process, enhanced body healing takes place. This is usually performed by a master and is difficult to practice on your own. The main benefit of this kind of Reiki is that it unblocks all chakras and promotes free flow of positive energy.

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