Mental Health Guide

Dealing with postpartum depression

You have given birth to your new bundle of joy and your family is celebrating! However, you feel void inside and don’t really feel elated. Why? What happened? You may not be able to pinpoint as to what is actually bothering you. Not to worry, you are not

Neurontin Withdrawal Symptoms?

 My 17 years old son is suffering from epilepsy. He was getting epileptic seizures since he had a serious accident last year. He received serious head injuries and after that he became epileptic. The doctor had prescribed neurontin for him but now

Suffering from aortic aneurysm?

I am 38 years old and my husband is 40 years old. He has been a high blood pressure patient for the last 5 years now. He also had problem with my knees due to this high blood pressure. But his problem has aggravated last week and he was diagnosed with

Microgestin Side Effects?

Hi there! I am 25 years old and my doctor has prescribed me microgestin as contraceptive pill. Two months back I was on sprintec but that didn’t quite work out right for me. It had some bad side-effects. I have searched a lot and found out that microge

Antidote For Nicotine Overdose?

Hello guys! My friend is 24 years old and he was a chain smoker. He was very much worried about his smoking habit then he decided to use nicotine patches as an aid to quit smoking on his doctor’s advice. This was his very first time so accidently he ha

Cure For Severe Insomnia?

hello to all! I am a businessman and I have a very busy schedule. I have to work day and night to get my business running. This work schedule has taken a toll on my health. I have been having my troubles with sleeping for the last six months. I have tr

Diazepam Side Effects?

I am 22 years old and a college student. My problem is that I get nervous whenever its my exams time. One of my friends is having a chemist shop who brought me a diazepam containing tablet to relief my anxiety. Its dose was not much around 5m

Warning signs that a person might be abusing drugs

Drug addiction or substance abuse is a traumatizing experience for both the person afflicted by it and the people affected by his or her drug addiction. The incidence of substance abuse has not shown any significant decline over several decades. It has be

Low Lying Placenta harmful for the baby?

I am so happy to report to you guys that I am pregnant and soon going to become a proud mother. But as pregnancy brings some complication, so in my case I am getting red bleeding from my vagina. Sometimes the bleeding is heavy. I went

Moderate and heavy alcohol use: Effect on health

Alcohol use is a dicey topic. Few researches suggest that moderate drinking does not affect your health as much as heavy drinking does. But health risks are associated with high drinking as well as moderate drinking. This article throws awareness on the

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