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Living with diabetes? Strategies to help you manage the condition

Individuals who are diagnosed with diabetes have high sugar content in their blood. The pancreas produce insulin, which is the hormone responsible for maintaining the sugar level in the body. The role of insulin in the human body is to move glucose from the blood stream and move it to the muscles, liver and fat cells where they are used as fuel for the body. People with diabetes, which occurs due to the malfunctioning of the insulin hormone, cannot move the glucose from the blood stream and this leads to diabetes in the person. Diabetes is a lifelong disease and earlier people with diabetes had reduced life expectancy. But, with the advancement in science there are methods which can be beneficial in regulating the disease and leading a much healthy life.


Sunshine is a great and inexpensive source of vitamin D. Simultaneously, vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin. This is so because when an individual is exposed to the rays of the sun, vitamin D is produced in your body. An increase or decrease in the vitamin D levels in your body affects your metabolism. This leads us to the fact that vitamin D also plays some role in getting affected with diabetes. When an individual is young, the body is able to produce enough vitamin D. But as one grows older, the amount of vitamin D production decreases. A recent clinical research shows that older people are deficient in vitamin D and hence they become prone to diabetes. An individual should consult his doctor and increase his vitamin D levels either by consuming supplements, foods or by simply spending some time in the sun.

Know your blood sugar level

There is a big debate among doctors around the world regarding the controlling of the blood sugar levels. Some opine that controlling the blood sugar level is the best way to control diabetes while others disagree. Whatever may be the outcome of the result, educating yourself about blood sugar level is considered safe for an individual with diabetes. He/she should see to it that their sugar levels do not fall much below the ‘normal’ level nor increase very much. An individual should keep an eye on the food that he/she consumes as that often can lead to an increase in sugar levels. Consuming food with high sugar content or simple carbohydrates can increase your sugar content. Stress or alcohol consumption should also be stopped to avoid high sugar levels.

Keep track of foods that affect your blood sugar level

An individual with diabetes should keep a track of the food which affects his health and leads to a rise in his sugar levels. He should consume the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and calories to keep healthy and lead a better life even with diabetes. Consulting a doctor or a nutritionist and preparing a list of foods which have low carbohydrate content can help immensely in controlling diabetes. He should pay attention to what he consumes too. Alcohol, sweetened drinks and simple carbohydrates should be kept aside by the individual so as to lead a healthy life. Whole grains and fiber containing foods should be consumed in large quantities by individuals with diabetes.

Move your body

Exercising is good for your body and more so for individuals with diabetes. Walking is one of the simplest forms of exercise that an individual with diabetes can do to maintain his health. Walking daily for about half an hour around the park or around the neighborhood is therefore immensely beneficial. Many individuals do not have the time for the early morning walks. They can stroll around in the evening or even go to the gym and walk on the treadmill. Whenever an individual exercises by walking, it is beneficial for his diabetes. Jogging is also a good exercise. It keeps your weight under check and helps in regulating problems related with diabetes.

Get screened

Screenings are important for individuals afflicted with diabetes. They should have special screenings done so as to prevent complications in the future. Screenings of your eyes and feet can help in preventing problems. People with diabetes should consult their doctor and ask for a list of screenings that they need to do for their continued good health. Blood pressure screening is one of them. People with diabetes are more prone to high blood pressure. This puts a pressure on your heart and kidneys also. Checking your weight is another important screening test. Extra weight means more resistance to insulin. This will lead to problems. Hence maintaining a good weight is ideal.

Use a diabetes management check list

A diabetes management check list is an effective way of remembering things that you otherwise would have stressed your mind to remember. An individual can make a list of things that he needs to do for combating his diabetics problem. He can then check the list and make changes so as to fit with his type of diabetes. He should try to accomplish everything he wrote in the list so as to maintain good health. The list may have check lists under various headings like medicine, exercise, nutrition or even emergency.

Stay updated with latest treatment and medication news

With the advancements in science, newer ways of combating diabetes are coming up around the world. A clinical research shows that cinnamon may help in controlling blood sugar in an individual. Though the research is not conclusive, it shows that there are many things yet to be learnt about the body and how to combat diabetes. A major breakthrough may be just around the corner and if you are not updated you may miss the chance.

Know the warning signs

For an individual suffering from diabetes, there are a bunch of complications that he has to deal with. Hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, ketoacidosis, hyper-osmolar syndrome are the short term complications associated with diabetes. The long term effects include heart disease, neuropathy, kidney disease, eye diseases and peripheral vascular disease. Therefore, it is very essential for individuals with diabetes to keep a watch over the symptoms of the complications and have knowledge of treating them. For individuals with diabetes, you may not even feel a cut on your foot. This increases chances of infection.

Take care of your heart

Diabetes takes a toll on the health of the heart of an individual. Individuals with diabetes are more prone to developing heart diseases than others. Diabetes speeds up the rate of hardening of the arteries. This occurs when the cholesterol level is high. When an individual has diabetes, the glucose in his blood slows down the low density proteins and makes them sticky. Hence, there is a faster build up of cholesterol on the walls of the arteries. Hence, it is essential for people with diabetes to keep a control over the cholesterol levels, exercise and control the blood pressure.

Consume small meals throughout the day

Many individuals believe that when they are affected with diabetes they should altogether stop eating. But that is a wrong idea. This may do more harm to your body than good. Consuming small meals throughout the day is an ideal option. The portion that you are consuming should be kept under control. This will help you to ensure that your body is getting the required nutrition for its normal functioning. This can simply be achieved by eating several small meals rather than consuming everything in a single meal. A healthy snack before your next big meal is a good way to appease your hunger and to keep your body well nourished. Consuming small meals throughout the day will make you eat less during the main meals. Skipping meals is also strictly prohibited for diabetic individuals.

Sleep more

Sleeping is an essential factor for better health among individuals with diabetes. When a person sleeps, he gets relief from the stress and anxiety of his daily life. This stress and anxiety aggravates the condition of individuals with diabetes. Therefore, people with diabetes should see to it that they get ample sleep. An average person requires seven to nine hours of sleep regularly. Though many persons may not sleep for nine hours, it is advisable to sleep for seven hours for better health. For people with difficulty going to sleep, they should alter some habits. They should not watch television lying on their bed. This affects the sleep of the individual. Instead, they can read a light novel or magazine of their choice as these can help in inducing sleep for the individual. Going for a walk in your garden also helps in inducing sleep for individuals.

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