How to work efficiently when you are sleep deprived?


It seems that the second half of this decade can be defined by one word: Hustle. Now, the traditional meaning of the word does not appear to apply to it at all. It can now aptly be described as: Work efficiently to maximize profits. But work relentless.

 you are sleep deprived

However, the desire to hustle has left more than half of the current generation sleep deprived. Ambition to climb all the way to top has left budding entrepreneurs stretched thin owing to long workdays with minimal breaks.

Not only does this sleep deprivation impair the ability to work efficiently, it also affects the working memory and speed, accuracy and decision making for the work at hand.

Scientific studies have found that if you are sleep deprived, your efficiency drops considerably even though the pile of work will keep on mounting. And though you didn’t sleep much, scientists claim that pushing yourself to work harder can lead to serious and irrevocable brain damage.

But not to worry, we have curated a list of tips to cope with this so that entrepreneurs can work efficiently:

  1. Stay hydrated:

    Science states that drinking more and more water not only keeps people more alert, it also helps avoid fatigue setting in. Mixing in lemon water or cinnamon water in the diet helps one perk up. Also, regular trips to the restroom help the body shirk sleep deprivation.

  2. Take regular breaks: It is always a good option to take regular breaks from the work to avoid the muscles in the body tensing up in case you did not sleep much. Going for a stroll or catching a few minutes of sunlight is always beneficial. Not to mention, it also acts as a great way to uplift your mood. But do not take too many breaks, obviously.
  3. Always keep gum near you:
    Always keep gum near you
    In case you didn’t sleep much, remember to keep gum near you. Scientists believe that chewing gum enhances cerebral activity and helps one work efficiently. However, scientists also believe that chewing gum only gives a temporary boost. So, do not rely on this too much.
  4. Avoid driving: This is a strict No-No. Not only will this help avoid accidents because you are tired, the time for travel will give you time for much deserved shut-eye.
  5. Limit caffeine intake:

    Though you have been told repeatedly that caffeine helps to work efficiently, it turns out that is not true. Caffeine affects each person differently and it is a good option to ration your intake of coffee, tea and/or chocolates.

  6. Avoid sugar: Many people believe that sugar is a great pick-me-up. That is why they call it a sugar-rush. However, even though sugar provides a temporary burst of energy, it also drains energy quickly and does not help much.
  7. Stand Up to encourage blood circulation:

    Stand Up to encourage blood circulation
    Standing up at your desk from time to time will always help you focus on the task at hand, especially in case you are sleep deprived. Standing up helps stimulate blood circulation which helps the muscles relax and helps avoid fatigue.

  8. Exercise, exercise, exercise to work efficiently: We cannot emphasize on this point enough. The best way to work efficiently is to get blood pumping in the body. And the best way to do this is exercise. Not only does it help spike up levels of adrenaline and metabolism, it also helps you sleep better at night. It also helps wake up the mind and the body. Even if you don’t have time for heavy work-outs, run up and down a flight of stairs. You will be fit and fine in quick time.
  9. Take a cold shower:

    The shock of cold water jogs your nerves and gives the body the jolt it needs to get your mind working if it didn’t sleep much. It helps the body remain alert and gets the blood flowing. Even if you don’t think your schedule will permit taking regular cold showers, splash some cold water on your face from time to time and/or hold an ice-cube to your temples whenever you can.
  10. The power of power naps: If working efficiently is your mantra in life, taking short 20 – 25 minute power naps at least once a day will help you to avoid being sleep deprived. Power naps will not only help recharge the mind and the body, they help collect a neurochemical that assists one in staying alert longer. And if you don’t think you work in a space that will permit you to sleep, get creative.
  11. Cut down on the diet:
    Cut down on the diet
    Even though the desire to trim down the waistline is a nagging thought, most people’s diet goes haywire because of the lack of sleep. In order to cut down on feel sleepier on the job, one of the easiest things one can do is let go of that greasy food. Which means avoid ordering in on the job all that junk food that just oozes with complex carbohydrates? They only tend to evoke sleep much faster, and that is not a good thing, especially in the workplace. Instead, go in for more lean food or proteins. Which means you should now pack your own lunch and you should stock up on more chicken, fish, yogurt, fruits and veggies.

Final Words:

The desire to hustle will never allow one to get enough sleep. However, to work efficiently, the human body needs a fixed amount of sleep. Scientists say the body needs at least 7-8 hours of rest in a 24+ hour work cycle, but that is not happening anytime soon, is it?

Though working sleep deprived is not something anybody should endorse, it has become a manner to cope with the never ending pile of work that hits people daily. However, keeping the mind, body and soul in harmony will always help you work efficiently. It will also continue to feed that ambition to climb to the top very quickly.

Though one cannot function optimally if one didn’t sleep much, one has to manage with what one gets, right? Hope that the above tips to cope will help you make the most of your work day. Hustle away folks!

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