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People usually worry about arthritis only after attaining fifty or at a later age. Arthritis is going to engulf a main portion of our younger population as well. It is a preconceived notion that athletes or persons having unhealthy lifestyles can develop arthritis, but people who are slim and only play video games can also suffer from arthritis and usually thumbs joints get involved. In order to beat arthritis, you can simply make some lifestyle changes that will help in treating arthritis effectively. Various remedies are available that provide relief from arthritis pain. It is seen that bathing in sea has provided some relief for individuals suffering from arthritis as it contains iodine. Iodine helps in regulation of alkali-acid balance in tissues and blood that aids in regeneration and repair of tissues.

Some of the remedies that can be made at home and will help in treating arthritis effectively are:

1. Pineapple juice

Arthritis can be treated with fresh pineapple juice, as it is full of bromelain enzyme that decreases inflammation and swelling which is present in rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

2. Banana

Bananas contain vitamin B6, hence, at times only a diet of bananas is advised to be taken for three to four days. Physician’s advice to take eight to nine bananas daily during this period.

3. Raw potato juice

This is the most effective therapy that is used for treating arthritis and rheumatoid conditions. It has been used for decades. Chop the unpeeled potatoes into small slices and then dip them in bowl of cold water overnight. In the morning, first consume this water after you dilute it with some water and drink it in empty stomach.

4. Lime

Gouty arthritis is caused because of the presence of uric acid accumulation. Citric acid in lemon helps in dissolving this uric acid. Patients with gouty arthritis should consume diluted lime in the morning.

5. Green juice

Blend equal amount of juice from celery, carrot, red beet or any other green vegetables. Drink a cup of this blended juice. Due to the presence of alkali, it helps in dissolving the deposits accumulated at joints and tissues, which in turn helps in relieving pain.

6. Herbal tea

This tea is extracted from the seeds of alfalfa herb and has showed beneficial results in relieving symptoms in arthritis.

7. Green Gram soup

You can prepare this soup by cooking 2 tablespoons of green gram and crushing 2 garlic cloves in a water bowl. Patients should consume this juice two times a day.

8. Caraway seed

Blend together six tablespoons of seeds of caraway, six tablespoons of powdered ginger and three tablespoons of pepper. You should consume half a tablespoon of this blend twice daily with water.

9. Oil massages to relieve arthritic pain

Massage with hot oils can also help in relieving pain in patients with arthritis. Oil penetrates into skin pores and enhances mobility. Some of the oils that can be effective in arthritis are:

a. Olive oil:

By diluting following oils in olive oil in the ratio of 1:10 arthritic joints can be relieved from pain. Juices are:

i. Juniper.

ii. Garlic.

iii. Rosemary.

iv. Sage.

v. Sassafras.

vi. Lavender.

vii. Thyme.

b. Neem oil

Stiff muscles and painful joints can be massaged with neem oil that can also provide relaxing effect.

10. Other remedies

1. Regularly performing yoga can relax the joints affected with arthritis like; knees, shoulders or hips to a larger extent.

2. Slightly wrap the joints in a flannel and leave it overnight. This can give better relief from pain and reduce inflammation and swelling.

Arthritis limits an individual from performing various daily functions at the optimal level. Home remedies are the most effective measures for relieving pain as arthritis is not be completely cured.

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