High intensity chest workout techniques to increase chest size for men

These workout techniques target single muscle group with a goal to build muscles of your chest area. Men who wish to have ripped chest and chiseled bodies must try this workout. These high intensity workout techniques are for advanced level trainers and therefore, beginners will have to endure some struggle if they wish to follow these techniques. These techniques will push any man through a tough plateau and help them increase their chest size in a fast and effective manner.

Swiss ball dumbbell press

This exercise is not just great for the intermediate and advanced level trainers, but is also good for those who have just begin weight training. The first week of your chest workout regime must start off with Swiss ball dumbbell press that will prepare your chest for more intense exercises. Ideally, this should be done once or twice a week for proper results. To perform this exercise, select a pair of dumbbells you wish to work with. Sit on the center of an exercise ball and tighten your core, that is your abdominal area along with waist and hips. Now raise the dumbbells over your head such that the palms are facing forward. Make sure that your back is straight and the feet is firmly kept on the floor to ensure stability. Now, slowly lower the dumbbells to the sides of your shoulder. Once, you have reached the shoulder length, contract the muscles of your shoulders and raise the dumbbells back to the start position. Remember, people around you may do this exercise faster, but you must keep your movement slow and controlled for maximum benefits. Do 4 sets of 10 repetitions in each.

Incline bench press

The ball bench press must be followed with this exercise so that your main muscle group, your chest is targeted. Along with this, the exercise will also target your shoulders and triceps. This exercise is even great for beginner level individuals as it helps to develop straight. The incline bench press is used for upper chest. Therefore, start by setting up the incline bench at an angle of 30 degrees (maximum 40 degrees). Lie on the bench but make sure that your feet lay firmly on the ground. Now, grasp the barbell at a width wider than your shoulders. The palms should face the feet. Take the barbell, lower it to the top of your chest. Make sure that it doesn’t make a contact with your body. Pause briefly and then return to the starting position. Follow this small tip-don’t lock your elbows out while raising the barbell or you might hurt yourself. Repeat 4 sets wit 8 reps in each.


Pushups is a great exercise that not only tones your body but also keeps you fit, increases your chest size and targets your chest muscles. This exercise shall be performed each day for as many reps and as many sets as possible. Apart from targeting your chest area, pushups also target your shoulders and enable strength building. Trainers, particularly beginners must perform it to improve their stamina. To perform this exercise, kneel down on the floor and your hands must be close to your chest, shoulder width apart. Take the knees off the floor, just the toes should be kept on the floor. Keep your back and your body straight and aligned and then lower your torso as low as possible without actually touching the ground. Again, don’t lock your elbows. Pause and return to the start position. Do this exercise slowly and don’t sag your body in the middle. Keep your tummy tight and hips strong.

Chest dips

Apart from push ups, chest dips is another great high intensity exercise that can be done to target the chest group and tone your shoulders and triceps. This exercise shall be repeated for 4 sets and you can decide the repetition count depending upon your stamina, slowly increasing the count to challenge your body. To do chest dip, grasp the dip bars, making sure that your palms are facing in. The bar width must be slightly more than that of your shoulders. Now, jump up and carry your body weight. Cross your legs at the ankle and lean forward towards the bars. Your elbows shall be in. Lower the body in such a manner that your shoulders are about the level of your elbows. This may be difficult initially, but you will soon learn the correct method. Pause and return to the starting position. Repeat for desired reps. Remember, not to put unnecessary stress on your shoulder joints if you are a beginner. The activity of leaning forward will tone your chest and increase its size.

Cable crossover

This exercise targets your chest and shoulders, makes them more broad, thereby increasing your chest size. You need lot of strength to perform it. So, start by doing 4 sets of 8-10 reps in each. Set the cable crossover machine by adjusting the pulleys and attaching single grip handles to them. Use desired amount of weight stacks. You can increase the weights after a few weeks of chest training. Grasp the handle with your palms facing down. Take a step forward while bending your arms a little at the elbows. This will make your chest up and forward. Rotate the shoulders and move the arms in circular motions so that the handles are slowly brought together to cross over at the front of your body. While doing so, squeeze the chest so that the extra mass goes in and muscles become stronger and prominent. Stretch the chest when you move the handles back to the starting position.

Barbell bench press

While beginners can do incline bench press, trainers on the intermediate or advanced levels should rather try the traditional barbell bench press to challenge their bodies and tone their shoulder, chest and triceps. To perform this exercise, you must first set the bench barbell bench press and set the height of rack along with the level of weights you will use. Now, lie on the flat bench. Use your grip to hold onto the bar and make sure that your palms are facing forward. Now, lift the bar off the rack and hold it straight. Slowly, lower the bar to the middle of the chest and bring it closer to the body without actually making it contact. Pause and then return to the starting position. Make sure that you grip the bar with thumbs around the front. This is a safer position. If you are a beginner, start doing this exercise after 2nd week of your weight training so that your body can take the pressure. Do 4 sets. The first set shall have 12 reps. Lower it down by 2 for the next three reps.

Flat bench cable flys

This is another high intensity chest workout technique that must succeed the barbell bench press. For performing this exercise, set the flat bench cable flys in a way that the flat bench lies between the cables and the single grip handles are attached to the low pulley on each cable. Select the weights you want to work with. Start with less weight and increase once you start building stamina. Lie on the bench and grasp each handle with palms facing up. Bend your elbows slightly. Rotate the shoulders while moving your hands in a semi circle, pull the weights together till your hands contact. Pause and then return to the start position. Perform this for 4 sets with 10 reps in each. Remember, this exercise shall focus on stretching and contracting your chest and shoulder muscles so that you reduce the flab without decreasing the chest size. It shouldn’t focus on lifting heavy weight. Only the hands shall move during the exercise.

Chest press

Chest press is a high intensity, chest size increasing and chest toning exercise for men that beginners, intermediate and advanced level trainers can do alike. To perform the exercise, apply the rules of chest fly to chest press. Therefore, your starting hand position involves you keep your arms above your chest such that your palms are facing forward. Make sure that the weights are in line. Lower the arms in such a manner that your elbows form a 90 degree angle. Pause and then push the arms straight upwards, directly above the chest. The weights shall be increased slowly but steadily so that your chest tones up faster, you get ripped chest and sexy shoulders along with an increased chest size.

Lat pull down

Lat pull down is a high intensity exercise that effectively targets all the muscles of your upper body, including chest, arms, triceps and shoulder. To perform this exercise, sit on the lat pull down machine, grabbing the handles of the puller slightly wider than your shoulder width. Adjust the weights such that you don’t put too much of strain on your body. Pull the bar down slowly, closer to your collarbone. Pause and then go back to the starting position. Remember, the pulley shall be straight and shall not drool over to one side or the other or else you will strain your shoulders and neck. Repeat 4 sets of 12 reps in each. Increase the weight intensity after one week.

Dumbbell fly

Dumbbell fly is an excellent exercise for men who don’t have tight chest. This exercise will create ripped muscles at your chest region and will also target your arms. To do this exercise, lie flat on a bench. Hold dumbbells in each hand. Press the weights over the chest and turn your palms so that they face each other. Spread the arms and lower them in arching motion. Make sure that at this stage, the weights must be in level with the shoulders. Hold this position for five to seven seconds. Squeeze the pecs and bring the arms back to starting position. Even beginners can perform this exercise from the first week itself. Do 4 sets of 10 reps in each.

Dumbbell curl

Dumbbell Curl is a simple, effective and high intensity chest workout technique to increase chest size. To perform this exercise, the individual must firstly stand tall, keeping the back and spine straight. Hold a dumbbell of desired weight in each hand. Keep the elbows locked on the sides and lift the weights till the elbows are fully bent. Reverse the procedure to return to starting position. Do 4 sets of 20 reps in each set. Remember, do not lock your elbows while performing this exercise. Keep your chest strong and stretching if you want to increase your chest size. Do these workout techniques and you will surely notice remarkable changes in your chest size by 4-6 weeks.

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