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Hidden risks of beauty treatment

Hidden risks of beauty treatment

Beauty treatments have come a long way from the home remedies to the ultra technical treatments like botox, chemical peels and laser hair removal etc. However, the more chemical and technology based our beauty treatments get, higher gets the risk of a mishap. A beauty treatment going wrong is a nightmare of every girl. Often do we hear about a pedicure that leaves a severely infected foot or a hair treatment gone wrong to cause hair falling to the extent of going bald. Therefore, it is very important to get the beauty treatments done under the supervision of the experts. Here are some of the hidden risks of the beauty treatment and ways to avoid.

1. Brazilian Blowout:

Brazilian blowout has become one of the most popular hair treatments these days. In the Brazilian blowout, mixture of keratin and formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen is applied into the hair before flat ironing it at 450 degrees. The hair becomes silky and looks fabulous. However, if the chemicals are not used in the correct proportion, it can lead to severe damages like hair fall.

How to avoid the mishap

If you are very keen to get the Brazilian blowout, make sure you go to the experienced and professionally established salon. The Brazilian blowout and similar hair straightening treatments always involve the risk due to the chemicals and expose you to the risk of over heat as well. Make sure the salon uses the recognized hair soothing formula with approved level of formaldehyde. The exposure to formaldehyde also needs to be lessened through the proper air ventilation. Also avoid frequent treatment, as the exposure to formaldehyde lingers on your system for long after the treatment.

2. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the best methods to get rid of unwanted hair growth. However, not following the pre and post laser hair removal regime can lead to hyper pigmentation that is discoloration of skin, blistering, burning or even scar.

How to avoid the mishap

Appropriate laser setting as per the skin and hair growth is the responsibility of the technician. But, you as a client have to ensure not to expose to the sun three to four weeks before and after the laser hair removal. Laser is attracted to the UV rays that can lead to damaging results.

3. Manicures/Pedicures

The shoddy nail paint job is not the only mishap that can occur due to your regular manicure and pedicure job. As per a report in 2000, 113 women were reported to have a first ever case of Mycobacterium fortuitum, which is a bacterial infection caught via open wound resulting into the purple bumps filled with pus and the infection was caught from the infected pedicure tub.

How to avoid the mishap

Since you cannot avoid the regular beauty regimes like manicure and pedicure, it’s better to carry your own tools to the salon. However, it is not possible every time and for everyone, therefore being attentive is the best solution. Almost all salons display their operating license, pay attention to it. The salon has to pass the health inspection test before it opens and then has to go through it every year. Also the salons have to display their license to operate, keep an eye as you settle down onto the comfy chair. See, if the tools are properly disinfected by keeping them in EPA approved disinfectant for at least 10 minutes. The tub should be properly cleaned and water changed after each pedicure or manicure. And also try to visit the salon at early hours to avoid the infected tub.

4. Botox

Botox or Botulin is a procedure to paralyze the facial muscles temporarily to remove wrinkles. However, if the treatment is not done with expert hands, there are chances of long lasting effects including bruising and redness. There are also chances of droopy eyebrows, asymmetry and stuck features.

How to avoid the mishap

It is important in your part to go to the medical specialists for a botox treatment than any regular beauty clinic. Injector’s techniques and potency of the product are the two vital things. Only an expert eye can tell you, if your features will give the optimum results. For example, if you have heavy eyes, botox treatment with brow line injection will get you tired looking eyes.

5. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels create a controlled scab on the outer layer of the skin to make it look fresh and young. But the wrongly done treatment can lead to burning, irritation and discoloration of the skin.

How to avoid the mishap

To avoid any mishap with the chemical peel, it is advisable to go to a medical specialist than the regular spa or beauty clinics. If you decide to get the chemical peel treatment from your spa centre, you must be asked a few vital questions before the treatment, such as allergies, whether you are on any sort of medication, sun exposure etc. You must also expect a thorough skin analysis. Apart from this, the provider must also give you the full explanation for the treatment, whether it’s for acne or precancerous growth etc. For stronger chemical peel treatment. The provider must be there with you all the time to detect redness or any sort of discomfort.

6. UV Nail Dryers

Nail art is popular amongst the young crowd and UV nail dryer is used to dry the nail art. However, the UV radiation can give you the damaging effects of sun exposure. There are even chances of skin cancer due to radiation. However, it has been contradicted by many stating the UV nail dryers have less radiation than a day in the fluorescent office light.

How to avoid the mishap

If you are worried about any sort of exposure to the UV rays, avoid the UV nail dryers.

7. Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a fad these days. In hair extension, artificial hair is bonded to the root of the natural hair, either through the glue, which is known as hot method of hair extension or through polymer, the cold method. However, the hair extension can have one damaging effect i.e. hair loss.

How to avoid the mishap

To avoid any mishap due to hair extension, first of all you must know that your hair is strong enough to take the burden of fusion. You may have fine or thin hair but it has to be strong. Find a good brand extension for better results and avoid mishap.

8. Eyelash Extensions

False eyelashes are the easiest option to get beautiful and long eyelashes. However, you can have the same mishap with the eyelash extension as with the hair extension.

How to avoid the mishap

The mishap with the eyelash extension can also be avoided by finding a good brand and checking if, your eyelashes are strong enough to carry the burden of false eyelashes.

9. Hair Bleaching

The ammonia used in hair bleaching has the damaging effect as the oxidizer lets the hair cuticles open to get the color in for coloring or to remove the color in bleaching. The opened hair cuticles let the hair to be brittle and dry.

How to avoid the mishap

To avoid the hair coloring of bleaching mishap, try and use ammonia free and organic products. The organic products are made of natural ingredients that nourish and revitalize the hair, in contrary to the chemical beach.