Healthy ways to beat the heat

Heat waves

In summers, it gets extremely difficult to step out in the scorching heat. And if you do, the sun makes it difficult for the body to cool down leading to severe exhaustion and burn out. But there are certain benefits of the weather that we tend to overlook, such as being able to wear your favorite short floral dresses and relishing the variety of fruits available in the market. So it’s time to enjoy these benefits by beating the heat, the right way.

Let’s explore some easy ways by which we can keep our body cool and feel good.

1. Workout safely

Try to work out indoors and skip taking a walk in the sun. Along with that you also need to ensure that your body is readily hydrated during workouts. It will not only replenish the lost water but will also avoid you to feel the fatigue too soon.

2. Hydration is the mantra

In summers, body becomes warmer than the normal temperature as blood doesn’t reach out to muscles to help dissipate body heat. But you can help by keeping your body hydrated all the time.

a. Carry sufficient water with you wherever you go and avoid colas as they are a rich source of high fats and can even block free flow of blood. Also, you must drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday.

b. Substitute oily and junk food with raw fruits and green leafy vegetables. They have high water content and helps you retain body fluids.

c. Cut down caffeine and stick to nutritious drinks such as green and herbal teas, fruit juices, smoothies and chilled milk shakes.

3. Stay in shade

The heat can exhaust you and make you feel irritable so try to avoid it as much as possible. You can follow these simple tips to do so:

a. Wear a cap or hat when you step outside in the sun. This will protect your head and face from getting hot and tanned.

b. Apply sunscreen to the whole body to avoid skin burn by UV rays exposure. Also, protect your eyes with sunglasses.

c. Ensure availability of sufficient cold water, as well as a face towel to keep yourself cold. Keeping a cold towel on the back of your neck is a quick way to reduce body heat.

d. Wherever and whenever possible find shade and stay away from direct sunlight. Restrict outdoor activities for early morning or late evenings as the impact of UV rays is minimum in that duration.

4. Special diet care

Special care should be given to your diet. It is better to consume foods that aid keeping the body cool. Eating small, frequent and light meals also help and so do juicy fruits.

Include lot of salads in your diets, especially green leafy vegetables with lots of fibre. Onions contain silicon which helps in beating the heat and keeps the body away from common ailments. Enjoy mangoes in various forms. You can enjoy the whole fruit or prepare shakes as well as juices. If you blood glucose level comes down, make a tasty glucose drink to replenish the lost glucose. A simple mixture of salt, sugar, lemon juice mixed with cool water can work wonders in this weather.

5. Dress cool

One of the most important things recommended by health experts is the choice of clothes in this weather. Always choose loose fitting, light colored cotton clothes over tight and dark ones. Light colored clothes tend to reflect back the sun rays, wherein dark ones absorb them making you feel uncomfortably hot.

6. Enjoy a dip in an indoor swimming pool

Taking a dip in a pool refreshes you completely. But avoid open pools in this season and opt for indoor pools. Also bathing twice or thrice a day not only keeps you clean, but prevents germs and bacteria to spread as a result of excessive sweating.

By following these simple tips you can beat the heat and stay away from sun-strokes, burns and exhaustion.

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