All of us might have come across advertisements like ‘Quick weight loss, Lose 10 kgs just in 3 days’-Although we all know that these attractive quick weight loss plans aren’t good for our health. But we still tempted by these exciting offers. Indeed, we would be attracted; who will not want to reduce all their fat at one go! Yeah! Quick fat loss alternatives are as tempting as that Chocolate Cake lying in your refrigerator. But beware rapid weight loss can cause serious health problems and sadly, it would not give you that attractive body either!

Let’s have a look at how quick weight losing offers will affect your health.

  • Decreases Metabolism:
    Weight loss at one go kicks your body into the longevity mode, where it creates certain transformations to slow energy use. According to fitness research, quick weight loss may lead to profound serious health disorders and that change the metabolism rate from normal level to the baseline level. The more you burn your calories, the higher your metabolism will be. But the significant decrease in weight lowers the prolongation of Thyroid Hormone which regulates metabolism in the body. Research proves that drastic weight loss makes Thyroid Hormone level reach the baseline level and as a result the metabolic rate decreases from approximately 80% in a period of 10 to 14 days. As long as your metabolism is lower, you will disburse fewer calories throughout the day and your weight loss process will begin. 
  • Root to Loose Skin:Loose-SkinDrastic weight loss damages your body and reduces more than 3 times more tissues as compared to a sound weight loss plan. Quick weight loss leads to lose skin due to damage that is done to the elastic tissues in your skin. Our skin embodies elastic fibers that allow it to spread and shrink according to our body requirement. But when we quickly lose weight, our skin doesn’t shrink at once. So when the fat is quickly gone, your skin may not recover it easily. Your skin loses its elasticity and doesn’t regain its shape so you are more expected to experience flabby skin. Fitness research analysis shows that sufferer with excess weight loss have fragile skin due to reduced elastic fibers. So, you must give time to your skin to recover. 
  • Hurt the Heart:
    Gone are the days when there were no heart patients. Even overweight people were also quite fit, but over a decade ago these weight variations are found causing health issues and the reason for untimely deaths. According to a survey in a recent research, the body weight variations increases problems to heart. Drastic weight changes increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and other heart problems or maybe sometimes death. Researchers found that quick diet followers are in higher prospects as the continuous expansion and shrinking of blood vessels causes micro tears that lead to atherosclerosis and many types of heart problems. The preceding analysis found that this kind of rapid weight loss plans increases the risk of heart attack.
  • Liver Damage:
    liverLiver is the major organ in the body.  If the liver is not functioning properly, it will not produce the right amount of good cholesterol. It is proven that more than 20% of people who lose more than 2 kgs in a week will grow inflammation of the liver. Scientists have found that the low-calorie diet techniques affect the functioning of the liver and damage it. They cause fatty liver, which degenerates into frenzied hepatic failure.

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