Gardening is fun but not at the cost of your health


Gardening can be a really fun filled exercise. However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind to ensure that you remain safe. There are so many hazards related to Gardening and could range from minor to major risks.

Gardening health risks

1. Physical injuries

Cutting and bruising your fingers because of thorns or suffering insect bites could be some of the physical issues that you need to protect yourself from. Apart from this, you need to be careful of wet floors and any piled up debris, as this could cause several injuries to your body. One needs to be really careful when moving wheelbarrows in the lawns. As you keep collecting more and more debris and filling up your wheelbarrows with the same, it could become really heavy and topple. Similarly, when you move in slopes, there is always a chance of tripping and falling.

2. Health problems

Problems like heatstroke and exhaustion are some of the major issues that you need to be wary of. These have a long-term effect on your body. When you perform tasks on a continuous basis, you could be straining your back too much. When you operate things which are much larger than your body weight, you might also be doing a great amount of damage your muscles even without your knowledge.

3. Electric injuries

When you operate electric tools in your garden and it happens to be pretty wet, there’s always a chance of an electric shock or short-circuit.

4. Noise leads to hearing problem

Working in the garden can be real fun if it happens to be silent. However, with lots of noise around you could be doing a lot of damage to your eardrums. This might result in partial or permanent hearing loss at a later date. When you work with power mowers and get in contact with the blades accidentally, you might end up damaging your hands and fingers.

Solutions to above hazards

1. It is a good idea to learn how to use garden equipments properly. Improper knowledge of the working conditions could put you in the danger zone.

2. You also need to keep in mind the fact that you are getting yourself exposed to the sun when you work for hours in the garden. Therefore it makes sense to keep consuming liquids on a really frequent basis to prevent your body from dehydration. Many people who work for long areas in the garden are also prone to sunburns and heat strokes.

3. One also needs to learn about different plant species, since there are some which are toxic in nature. If there are children around, you also need to warn them to stay clear of such plant species.

4. To keep things really safe, do not work in your garden or long if it has rained recently.

5. Remember to clear debris and waste material on a very frequent basis.

6. Wear the right kind of equipment and safety gloves to protect your hands and fingers.

7. As far as possible, try using a stick to remove waste materials than using your hands.

8. You might also think of ear plugs and eyeglasses to offer extra protection.

8. Finally, always remember to use a sunscreen before venturing into your garden. If you’re working on slopes, remember to go from the bottom rather than starting your operations from the slope. Try not to work in your gardens when the sun is really beating down.

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