Easy and Effective DIY Home Remedies for Hair using Honey

Using Honey

Not many know that honey is an excellent natural remedy for various hair issues, including hair fall, dry scalp, dandruff, split ends and so on. Containing substances like fructose and glucose, honey has many vitamins and minerals that can nourish your hair and leave it looking soft, shiny and lustrous from root to tip. Here are some really easy ways in which you can make use of honey in your everyday hair care routine.

Treat Split Ends with Honey

Mix 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 tablespoon of olive oil with an egg yolk. Beat the mixture nicely until it appears frothy. Apply the mix onto the hair by splitting the latter into sections. Make sure to rub the mix all over the hair from root to tip. Wait for about 30 minutes and then rinse off the mix with water and a mild shampoo. Repeat this remedy once every three days to get rid of split ends effectively.

Treat Damage Prone Colored Hair with Honey

Coloring makes your hair more vulnerable and prone to damage in many ways. Honey can help deal with these issues by protecting your hair from the side effects of hair color. Use a dollop of raw honey for the same purpose. Massage the honey into the roots and wait for about 30 minutes for it to set in. Following this, wash your hair with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo. Do this once or twice a week to keep your colored hair safe and strong.

Jar of honey with dipper and manuka or New Zealand tea tree flower (Leptospermum)

Treat Dry Scalp with Honey

A dry scalp is another common cause for hair fall. You can use honey to combat this issue though. Simply mix a tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon to form a sticky paste. Apply this paste all over the scalp by parting your hair in sections. Wait for about 15 minutes before rinsing off the paste with lukewarm water and shampoo (a mild one of course). In addition to cleansing the scalp, this remedy will keep your scalp nourished, thus preventing dryness and hair fall.

Treat Hair Tangles with Honey

Tangles in the hair can be a major cause for concern if they contribute to hair fall. You can use honey to effectively detangle your hair. Simply mix two tablespoons of olive oil with a teaspoon of honey. Rinse your hair in cold water and apply this mix from root to tip. Wait for about 10 minutes and rinse off the mix with lukewarm water. You will be surprised at how shiny and tangle free your hair becomes with just a few washes.

Use honey for dandruff

Treat Dandruff with Honey

A dry, itchy scalp can often lead to dandruff buildup in the hair. You can use a mixture of honey and coconut oil to avoid this scenario. While honey conditions your hair coconut oil will help moisturize your hair from root to tip while adding more strength to the latter via its nutritional content.

Mix a tablespoon each of honey and coconut oil in a bowl. Heat the bowl a bit to warm the mixture. Apply this mixture on the scalp and massage it in nicely. Wait for 40 minutes or so before washing off the mix with lukewarm water. A few applications and your dandruff problems will be gone for good.

Treat Weak Strands with Honey

A combination of honey, egg yolk and potato juice can do wonders to strengthen your hair and reduce hair fall. Combine the juice of a potato, an egg yolk and a tablespoon of honey in a bowl. Apply this mix evenly on the scalp and wait for 30 minutes or so. Use a mild shampoo and warm water to rinse off the paste later. Your hair will become visibly stronger with just a few washes.

Get Soft, Shiny Hair 

Want to get soft, shiny hair that looks absolutely gorgeous? Mix a teaspoon of honey in a cup of water. After shampooing and conditioning your hair, rinse your hair with this solution. Your hair will look more lustrous and shiny with each passing day.

It can be quite useful for your hair. In addition to nourishing the scalp, honey helps to strengthen the hair strands, detangle them and make your hair look shiny and soft with no effort at all.


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