Easy way to get your ECG with Kardia Mobile Portable EKG by Alive Cor

An electrocardiogram is a must for checking the problems with the electrical activity of one’s heart.Cardiologists give a lot of importance to this test in order to ensure that all is well with your heart. If you wish to have the EKG or ECG done instantly on your own then you can opt for this innovative product known as Kardia Mobile Portable EKG by Alive Cor.

What is the device all about?

This is an excellent portable device which helps those people with any heart diseases or those who like to keep a track on the health of your heart. It mainly consists of two parts. One is the device and second is an app to record and check out your ECG or EKG when on the move. The device has to be attached to compatible iPhones and Android devices.

This device can then communicate wirelessly with a free Kardia app. The designing of the portable device is excellent. One needs to keep on the fingers or chest. The electrical impulses from the fingertips or from the chest are converted into ultrasound signals and sent to the microphone of the device. Just place the fingers on the metal sensors and record the ECG.

Hardware and Specifications

Kardia Mobile Portable EKG (1)

The hardware consists of an attachment plate which can be attached to a mobile device with the help of a single use adhesive. It does not have a phone case. It consists of a single channel and an input dynamic range of 10mV. It has a resolution of 16 bit and heart rate range of 30 to 300 bpm.The device has a 3V Coin Cell battery type and a battery life of 12 months under normal use.

What are the benefits?

It helps one get the ECG with relative ease. It has facilities for adding the patient’s details,symptoms,notes etc. It helps to detect atrial fibrillation which Is one of the common reasons for a stroke.The device has options for printing,sharing,emailing which gives the patients the advantage of sharing the ECH or the EKG with your cardiologist. The app also syncs with an online account.

How to set it up?

Attach the mobile ECG to your device. Next, download the Kardia app for free on your mobile. Sign up for a new account. You are now ready to use the device to record your cardiogram. The app also provides you with samples of real life ECG’s.

So if you wish to record ECG or EKG of your heart on your own, this portable device can prove quite handy.It is of great use to not just medical professionals but also people suffering from cardiac diseases.

Source : TheGadgetFlow.Com

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