Do’s and don’ts of eye cosmetics

Eye cosmetics

Mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner are those imperative products which are a part of every modern woman’s eye make-up kit. But what you must know is that apart from making you look gorgeous, they can seriously harm you if you do not follow certain crucial steps. Applying these eye cosmetics is a part of our daily routine; and removing it in the night is equally important. Generally the ingredients of these products are safe and can be used for human application; however, there is a possibility that these pretty looking cosmetic packages may develop some kind of junk on them. In our pursuit to look gorgeous, we end up transferring these germs to our eyes.

Here are some vital steps one must remember, which can ascertain the safety of our eyes.

1. Don’t hold on to the old make up

The most basic and important step which would ensure the safety of your eyes, is by getting rid of your old make-up. It may be gifted by somebody who is very important in your life, but nothing is more important than safety.

2. Don’t use the mascara that’s dried up

Every product has a shelf life and using the product beyond that is extremely dangerous and can have some serious negative impact on your eyes. Never try moistening the mascara, using some unconventional methods like saliva or water. A permanent marker in one’s kit can certainly ensure the safety of one’s eyes.

3. Keep your eye cosmetics cool

One more thing which is extremely basic in nature but can have a lasting impact is to keep your eye cosmetics in a cooler temperature. Avoid keeping them on the dashboard of your car or a steamy washroom. At all times, the products should be kept under a temperature of 85 F.

4. Do not mix and match cosmetics

Mix and match of cosmetics can be very dangerous. Make sure that you are using a different brush for your eyes and lips. This step would ensure apt amount of hygiene.

5. Avoid eyeliners with dangerous levels of lead

There are some really flashy and cool eyeliners available in the market today. But before picking up any, make sure that the lead content in these eyeliners is minimum. Using products with high level of lead can have negative and irreversible impacts on your eyes. Coloring eyelashes using permanent colors and dyes may be trendy today, but the impact of it in the long run is irreversible.

6. Never share your cosmetics

Sharing things like food with everybody is important; however sharing cosmetics with your best friend can have some serious negative impacts on your eyes. There is every possibility that your friend is suffering from some skin disease and by using your make-up, she can transfer the germs on your cosmetics. These can easily get transferred from your friend to you.

Application tips

Following are the 6 tips for application of eye cosmetics which if followed, will ensure the safety of your eyes.

1. Skip eye cosmetics when you have an irritated or infected eye:

Please ensure non-usage of eye cosmetics, if there is any kind of infection in your eye. Usage during this time can have serious consequences.

2. Keep eye cosmetics outside your eyes

Any kind of eye cosmetic whether natural or artificially prepared should be applied strictly outside one’s eye. At no point in time these cosmetics should come in contact with the inner portion of your eye.

3. Always wash your hands before the application of eye make-up

Using unhygienic hands and fingers will only lead to easy dissemination of germs. This is one easy and basic precaution one should take while applying eye makeup.

4. Avoid eye cosmetics that are shiny

Using shiny make up on your eyes can give you a trendy look but these cosmetics generally contain a high amount of non-desired chemicals which can later lead to irritation in and around the eye.

5. Usage of clean eye cosmetic applicators

As we know we are dealing with the most sensitive area of our body, our eyes, so ensure that all times clean eye cosmetic applicators are used. Frequently replace all your brushes and sponges.

6. Never put eye cosmetics while driving

In our daily busy routine, we generally do not realize that we apply quick fix eye cosmetics while travelling, this can be really dangerous. The mascara wand can easily scratch the cornea of your eye. The risk which one takes in application of these products on a move is not worth it.

Make up removal tips

After a busy and hectic day at office, removal of eye makeup is imperative, especially if you are using contact lenses. Remember the same amount of effort and due diligence needs to be put in while removing this make up versus what was present while applying the cosmetic. Use of soap, clean hygienic water, cold cream and other make up removers is recommended. The most important and critical step here is being gentle towards your eyes and skin in the surrounding.

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