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Causes of bruising Easily?

I am  two months pregnant and mother of a child previously.I did not encounter any of such problems during my first pregnancy.My problem is that I bruise easily.Whenever there is cold wind blowing my skin starts to crack and show signs of bruising

Anal Leakage cure?

I am a 20 year old male and I am pretty active in sports but my problem is that I am also a sweaty guy when

Benadryl Overdose symptoms?

I have been prescribed with diphenhydramine as cough remedy. I was taking it One table spoon every three hours. But what has happened is that my 4 year pld cousin has missed the dose and consumed it unknowingly. I know that he should not ha

Xiphoid Process-could it be cancer?

My doctor has told me that i have a lump on my xiphoid process which could be seen in an x-ray.They have not yet made any diagnosis but are going to conduct some tests soon.I am worried about my test results.Could this in anyway be serious?I hate to me

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