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Burns Diagnosis

Burns: Diagnosis Top Diagnosis 1. Biopsy Biopsy is the process of removing and subsequently studying damaged tissues. For burn patients, biopsy is particularly useful since it examines the magnitude of collagen damage caused to the skin, the vascular damage in …

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Dehydration Diagnosis

Dehydration: Diagnosis Top Diagnosis 1. Mental status Usually meant for infants and children, this test evaluates whether the individual suffering from dehydration is alert and awake. Kids usually start crying, and experience severe bowel pains and nausea. A physician usually …

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ADD/ADHD Diagnosis

ADD/ADHD: Diagnosis Top Diagnosis 1. The diagnostic interview for adult patients Diagnostic interview is conducted to sort out two issues. Firstly, the clinician or psychologist looks forward to get a detailed history of the patient. A standardized questionnaire is set …

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Type 2 diabetes: Diagnosis Top Diagnosis

Heart Disease Diagnosis

Heart Disease: Diagnosis Top Diagnosis 1. Physical examination A thorough physical examination is the first step towards diagnosing any heart disease. The physician will inquire about the medical history of the patient, followed by a careful evaluation of the symptoms. …

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Conjunctivitis Diagnosis

Conjunctivitis: Diagnosis Top Diagnosis 1. Physical examination and medical history The initial diagnosis requires a physical examination of the affected eye. Optometrists look for the characteristic symptoms of redness of the eye, local inflammation, water and pus-like discharge. Patient history …

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Type 1 Diabetes: Diagnosis Top Diagnosis


Dummy Disease 5: Diagnosis Top Diagnosis


Heart Diseases: Diagnosis Top Diagnosis

Acne Diagnosis

Acne: Diagnosis Top Diagnosis 1. Insulin test Insulin is a master hormone controlling all other hormones. It affects the growth hormones and androgen levels which lead to acne formation. Food has a direct link to insulin levels and this is …

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