Deadly combinations of kick boxing and power yoga for that Greek god body

If you have lost all the extra flab and weight and now you want a sculpted Greek god body, then you must try the deadly combination of kick boxing and power yoga. Kick boxing offers a total body workout that not only sculpts your body but also increases your stamina, and provides you flexibility and strength. Cardio kick boxing or aerobic kick boxing combines various elements of kick boxing including martial arts and aerobics to provide you a total body workout. While kick boxing routine will demand a lot of strength, power yoga would demand flexibility. Power yoga consists of different yoga postures that can help you get toned while losing any extra fat that might be hindering the process of toning. Therefore, a combination of kick boxing and power yoga is deadly, not only because of their combined benefits but also because they tone your body Greek god style.

Jab or straight punch

Jab or the straight punch helps your body to warm up for the kickboxing routine. The straight punch targets your arms, stomach and your lower extremities. Stand with the right foot forward while rotating your right hip in the forward direction. Now, extend your right arm. Twist the forearm such that the fist is parallel to the floor. The arm should be in line with the shoulder. Recoil within a second. Now repeat with the next arm. Remember, jabs are very fast and must be done repeatedly for at least 3 sets of 20 each. You need to strike as quickly as possible while controlling your body. This exercise is beneficial for the upper body and will help you gain strength for the rest of the exercises. Initially, you may find it difficult to strike quickly and keep up with the pace but after a day or so you will begin to control your body.


Jab and cross are two exercises that must be performed together for maximum benefit. Cross is an upgraded version of jab, wherein you initially stand with your right foot forward and then turn your left foot knee and hip towards the right simultaneously. Now, you twist your left forearm so your fist is horizontal. Recoil immediately. Now, remember not to lock your elbow while doing this exercise. If your right foot is forward then the left hand shall do a cross and vice-versa. The force of the cross must originate at the hips so that your waist, upper thighs, arms and hips are toned. Once you learn how to perform jabs you won’t have problems performing this exercise. Repeat in sets of 3 with 12-20 repetitions in each.


Uppercut is punching in an upward thrust. This exercise can target your legs if you manage to generate more force from the lower extremities. To perform this exercise, first stand on the floor keeping your left foot forward. Now, drop your right hand slightly while bending both knees. Twist your hips to the left and thrust your right fist up. Forward your knuckles such that the palms are facing towards your body while knuckles are facing the ceiling. Keep the left fist next to your face. Recoil immediately and repeat from next hand. The exercise must be done in the fastest manner possible. Remember, not to punch beyond your nose tip. This exercise will not just tone your arms and sides of your body but they will also help you to defend yourself in a fighting stance. It may seem difficult to power the punches with your legs, but after practicing for a few days you would be able to do so. Repeat in 3 sets of 12-20 reps each.

Front kick

While the first three exercises target your upper body, the next three exercises would target your lower body. This exercise is like doing a jab from the heel of the foot. Stand with your left foot forward. Your fists should be by the face. Bring your left knee towards the chest. Keep your foot flexed and the heel close to glutes. Now, kick straight from the hip. Retract immediately. After 12 repetitions from one foot, repeat from the other side. Repeat for at least 3 sets with 12 repetitions from each foot. This exercise will target your inner thighs, hips and your lower waist. Doing this may seem difficult immediately, as you require a lot of strength from hips and foot. But within two weeks you will see your body being sculpted.

Roundhouse kick

Roundhouse kick targets your knees, legs and obliques. This exercise involves a circular kick, that is moving your legs in a arc. Start with putting your right foot forward. Now, bend the right knee and bring the heel closer to the glutes, put pressure on left foot and turn the hips towards left. Strike from right leg towards the left in an arc position. The right foot must extend kick from the knees. Keep the toes pointed. Retract the position immediately. Repeat at least 12 times. Then change the leg. Do at least 3 sets from each leg. This might be quite stressful for the knees. So, make sure that after the workout you stretch the entire body so that there are no sprains.

Cobra pose

After the roundhouse kick, you must begin a set of power yoga postures. Start with the cobra pose that is a basic posture that gives you stability and flexibility to do your routine. Lie on your stomach on the floor. Stretch your legs to the back. Keep your hands on the floor, just below the shoulders. Your elbows must be in contact with your body. Now, press the top of the feet and thighs firmly on the floor. Inhale and start to straighten your arms to lift the chest off the floor. Reach the height at which your thighs and legs are making contact with the floor. Now, keep your shoulder blades firm and push them against the back. Distribute the back bend evenly through the spine. Hold the pose for 15-30 seconds. Release and exhale. The pose must be practiced at least 10 times. This pose strengthens the spine, firms your buttocks, increase body heat and tones your muscles. Initially, it might be difficult to distribute the back bend. So, don’t strain your back and find a height that you can work in comfortably.

Happy baby pose

To do happy baby pose or ananda balasana, lie on your back, exhale and bend the knees towards your belly. As you inhale, grip the outsides of your feet with hands. Open the knees wider than the torso and bring them towards your arms. Now, position each ankle over the knee. Gently, push the feet into your hands and create resistance. Move the thighs towards your torso and down to the floor so that your spine lengthens. Hold the pose for 30 seconds to a minute. Repeat at least 10 times. This pose will tone your back along with your inner thighs. For some people, it might be difficult to hold the feet with hands, so you can use a yoga strap as a loop.

Side reclining leg lift

To perform side reclining leg lift or anatasana, lie on the floor on your right side. Press your right heel while flexing your ankles and use your foot to stabilize your body. Now, stretch the right arm straight while keeping it parallel to the floor. Bending your right elbow and support your head on the palm. Slide the elbow to stretch your armpits. Now, rotate your left leg so the toes are pointed to the ceiling, then bend the knee towards the torso. Reach across the leg and hold the big toe with the index and middle fingers. Inhale and extend the leg upwards. Keep your body firm. The raised leg will angle slightly forward. Stay in this pose for about 30 seconds to a minute. Repeat for at least 5 times. Turn to the next side. This pose will tone your belly and stretch your legs while toning the back of legs and sides of the torso. It will take at least 2 weeks for the results to show. Initially you may feel a little unstable. So, do wall push ups for a few days.

Downward facing dog pose

Crouch on the floor and support yourself on your hands and knees. The knees should lie below the hips while the hands are stretched forward from the shoulder. Now, spread the palms and turn your toes inside. Exhale and lift the knees. Initially, the knees may be slightly bent. Lift the pelvic bones towards the ceiling. Now, exhale again and push the top thighs back and stretch the heels towards the floor. Strengthen the knees. Firm the outer thighs. Narrow the front of pelvis. Firm the outer arms. Now, lift the inner arms and firm the shoulder blades against the back. Keep head in between upper arms. Keep the position for 1 to 3 minutes and repeat for about 5 times. This postures stretches every part of the body and helps in giving you a toned body like that of a Greek god.

Mountain pose

Mountain pose or tadasana must be done before other power yoga poses. To perform this posture, you must stand with the bases of your toes touching each other while your heels must be apart in a way that the second toes of both legs are parallel. Lift and spread your toes then lay them down. Slowly start to reduce the swaying by putting your entire weight on the feet. Now, keep your thigh muscles firm and lift the knee. Make sure that you don’t tighten your lower belly. Lift the inner ankles and imagine a line going through your inner thighs and from there to your torso, neck and head. Turn the upper thighs inward. Now, press the shoulder blades against the back and widen them to release the back. Lift the top of your strenum towards the ceiling. Keep your arms hanging beside your body. The exercise must not be performed by people who suffer from headaches or low blood pressure. It improves posture and tones your knees, thighs, abdomen and ankles.

Intense side stretch pose

Also called parsovottanasana, this posture must be attained by standing in tadasana. Exhale and lightly jump with your feet about 3 feet apart. Your hands should rest on your hips. Turn your left foot about 60 degrees towards the right and your right foot must be out towards the right side, perpendicular to the floor. Align right and left heels. While firming your thighs, turn the right thigh outward. Now, exhale and rotate your torso to the right side, squaring the front side of your pelvis as much as possible. The left hip would point towards the front side. Press the head back towards the back heel. The outer thighs must be pressed inward. Exhale again and lean the torso forward from the groin over the right leg. Stop once your torso is parallel towards the floor. Now, press the fingertips of your hands onto the floor. Initially, it may be difficult to put your hands on floor, so keep your hands on yoga stands or seat. Press the thigh back and lengthen the torso towards the legs. This posture tones your entire body for a Greek god structure. At the same time, it strengthens the legs and also improves balance, posture and digestion.

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