Coping with a breast implant surgery is not a tough job: 11 ways to prove the fact

The funny part about breast implants is, you spend years craving to get it done, invest a fortune on hospital bills and medications and once the surgery leaves you with large breasts, you start detesting the whole discourse. The reasons for the detestation vary immensely. To begin with, in a majority of cases, breast implants get people depressed. Secondly, it is difficult to explain people the reasons why your breasts look fuller and bigger than before. Thirdly, you don’t just seem to be fitting into the clothes of the pre-surgery phase! The question is, how to deal with the problems described above? Let us help you out.

Get the right bra

The first trick is to find the right bra. To begin with, get your bra size determined by a specialized fitter. You can even have them custom made. With a well fitted bra, your breasts look modest. Additionally, a right bra will provide the kind of support you need to feel more comfortable. However, it needs to be borne in mind that finding an attractive and comfortable bra for your breasts is not as easy said as done. A properly fitted bra can lower neck and back pain, help the clothing fit well and make you look slimmer. Full coverage bras have been the most preferred choice among large breasted women for quiet some time now. In addition to completely enclosing the breasts, these bras also provide ample support. Depending on the size of your breasts, you can either choose to go for a full coverage bra or a modeled bra. Be sure, however, to pick one that fits you well. The bra ups should be able to encase your breasts fully, without dimpling or overflowing. In certain cases, women feel more comfortable wearing balconettes than a full cup bra. Minimizers are yet another category of bras for large busted women worth considering.

Choose well fitted clothes

In minimizing the impact left around by big breasts, wear styles which flatter the large chest. This could be anything ranging from sweetheart and v-necklines to corset style tops. Be sure to avoid shirts or tees having spaghetti straps, wide belts and breast pockets. The bottoms you choose should be able to balance your busts well. A little effort is all it takes to find dress styles matching your breast size. A wrap dress which is perfect for showing off those curves will make you look flattering. Empire line cut is another option in this category worth considering. Depending primarily on the cut, even a skimp dress can produce the flattering effect. Stick to a low neck style and get a size that skims rather than clings. Baggy and loose smock style dresses or tops make you look bigger. You would still be able to get away with such dresses by clinching in the waist with belts. Contrary to popular belief, belts actually help accentuate the busts in a positive way. Stay away from tops or dresses which fall voluminous from your bust line. It is advisable to look for styles that fit under the bust before falling from there.

Rectify your posture

Learn to stand straight after the breast implant gives you larger breasts. A majority of large busted women develop bad postures by hunching over. It not only makes you look awkward, but can also cause physical problems like back and neck pain. There are a few tests which you can perform on your own to figure out the current state of your posture. In the first place, stand straight with your heels 14 cm away from the wall. Make sure that the back of your head touches the wall. Now, slid one hand between the wall and the lower back and place the other between the wall and your neck. People with a good posture are likely to have an approximate 3-5 cm distance between the wall and the lower back hand. For the second test, you need to look in a mirror. Start by looking at your reflection. Next, decide whether your head is straight or not. The level of shoulders and hips are other things worth considering here. Once you know your posture drawbacks, striking up the right pose would be a matter of time.

Do not overestimate the depression

Do not, under any circumstances, overestimate your depression after the breast implant surgery. Such depressions or phases, it needs to be borne in mind, are extremely common. Post operative anxiety or depression hits people after many types of surgeries. This can be attributed partly to medicinal array needed during surgery and post surgical care. Once the pain killers and anesthetics leave your body, you can feel yourself undergoing a change of outlook. Drinking fluids is known to speed the process of psychological healing. Bond with family and friends, for it is at times like these that you need their support most. With the above points in mind, dealing with the post operative depression will appear like a piece of cake walk.

Share your thoughts with others

Share your feelings with the therapist, doctor or friends. There is no point keeping the emotions bottled up. However, it is often seen that a majority of people, in dealing with stress, start blaming others for their condition. This happens primarily when people, unable to deal with the aftereffects of depression themselves, look for more comprehensive outlets than crying or whining. Be sure not to blame your family or friends for the situation you are in. This may mar your relations with near and dear ones forever. Therefore, the safest thing to do is communicate with people in a positive and constructive way. Your doctor is an expert at handling such bouts of depression. Hence, shed your guards and speak to him.

Do not consider breast implants to be your ultimate trump card to a successful and happy life

In certain cases, breast implants infuse people with new found confidence over their improved appearance. It should always be remembered that while breast implants may augment your appearance they are, in no manner whatsoever, going to make your life better. While the implant might certainly have improved the way you look and increased your confidence, it will not improve your relationships with others. Neither is it going to make you successful. Expecting such things to happen out of no concrete reason will get you nowhere. Hence, learn to don a more practical outlook. It has been observed countless times in the past that people, who harbored such expectations, ultimately fall prey to depression upon seeing their dreams hit a dead end.

Get professional help for depression

If, after all the effort, you are not able to deal with the depression, then consult your doctor. He will either treat and diagnose your depression himself or refer you to a therapist. There are countless examples around where people refrain from getting professional help thinking that such services are tailor-made for patients of mental disorders only. If you share similar thoughts about going to a counselor, then it is worth knowing that depressions are common in the post-breast implant surgery phase and by visiting a professional you will actually be able to restore your normal psychological state quicker. Hence, make sure that you get professional help when all other options of coping with the post-operative depression fail.

Ignore negative comments about your breast implant

If your breast implant gets people talking, then instead of getting yourself cocooned, learn to deal with the big bad world. You really don’t have to let the attention from other people intimidate you in any manner whatsoever. Understanding how to cope with questions and comments about your new appearance will make your transition easier. The first thing to remember, while addressing such issues concerning the breast implant, is that it’s a private domain and nobody is allowed to poke his/her nose without due permission from you. You may have the misfortune of coming across people who dislike plastic surgeries and will openly express their distaste to you, using the breast as a potential target. Such people are best ignored. While at the outset it may feel like an attack on your existence and personality, the reality is you just cannot stop people from speaking.

Try different ways of dealing with the pain in the post-operative phase

The post-operative phase after you have had breast implants will remain fraught with pains and medical complications. Instead of getting overtly worried, consult a doctor. Nerve related pains are primarily treated with prescriptions pain and over-the-counter medications. This includes painkillers and medications used in treating seizures. If you have skin inflammation, then it can be treated with capsaicin or such other topical pain medications, which have produced amazing results in the treatment of jabbing pain. For muscle palms, onabotulinumtoxin A injections are the best solutions around. In certain cases, local anesthetics have been found to relive patients of the tearing pain. However, be sure not to try them out on your own without consulting a doctor.

Exercise frequently

There are several exercises for patients of breast implants. Of them, arm exercises, aerobic exercises and low impact exercises deserve to be mentioned at the outset. It is advisable not to undertake strenuous arm movements or indulge in heavy weightlifting once you start working out after the breast implant surgery. Arm exercises recommended for people who have underwent or contemplating getting breast implants include shoulder rolls and arm circles. It has been observed that sports involving lateral arm movement such as golf and tennis are stressful on muscles of the chest. Hence, be sure to avoid these sports until the doctor gives you his clean chit.

Try and keep yourself happy

Try something to boost your mood. In dealing with the aftermaths of a breast implant surgery, nothing can prove more rewarding than a guaranteed mood booster. Go out for walks frequently or indulge in a favorite pastime or movies. Try and focus on the good part of it. There are countless women around who suffer from one breast abnormality or the other. Consider yourself lucky to have escaped the trauma. Sleep well to stop your mind from dabbling in unnecessary thoughts. While the connection between sleep and post surgical depression continues to remain under wraps, experts are still found recommending depressed people to sleep well. Treat yourself to desserts or spend more time with family, if that makes you feel better.

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