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These cool water aerobics exercises should be your perfect fitness mantra this summer

Aerobic exercises in water include dance kind of movements and workout with weights. For enhanced results, weights are strapped on to the ankles, or a weight belt is used. These exercises are performed in chest deep water and are good for people who suffer from joint pains, since water buoys up the body and lends a feeling of weightlessness. Furthermore, water keeps the body cool from outside while exercises increase the temperature of the body from within. As a result, more calories are burnt. In summers, these are supposed to be great workouts.

Begin with warm up exercises in water

Begin water aerobics with warm up exercises. A lot of people do warm-ups before they step into water, which is also a good idea. But, regardless of whether you do your warm-ups on land, you should spend a few minutes warming up in water also, so that your body gets accustomed to the change in temperature. This prepares your body to burn calories in a better manner. Warm-ups are simple exercises: such as marching on the spot in water, wading along the width with simple walking movements, sit-ups and jumps. Hold on to the edge of the pool and perform side leg. 5 to 10 minutes of warm up is recommended before beginning your actual water aerobics.

Tread water

Beginners can perform this exercise in chest deep water, while regulars can intensify by performing the same at the deep end. You can wear ankle weights too. The exercise tones arms, hamstrings, back, butt and chest. Tread in the water by lifting your leg straight and forward such that it is perpendicular to the floor of the pool. Hold the pose for 5 seconds and lower the leg. Repeat with the other leg. Make small circular movements with hands near the hips. As you get used to the exercise, increase the speed of leg movements. Lower one leg and lift the other simultaneously. Even when you increase speed, you should hold the pose for 5 seconds. For those performing in deep water, toes of the vertical leg should be pointing downwards. You can squeeze your quads and glutes in order to keep legs perfectly horizontal. Perform the exercise for 30 seconds.

Kick and punch

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart in chest deep water. Kick out forcefully with one of the legs while simultaneously punching the water with the opposite hand. The natural resistance offered by the water makes you use more muscles, and hence, the calories burnt are higher. Perform the exercise for one minute as you get stronger and for 30 seconds, if you are a beginner. After 30 seconds, take a small break and relax. Repeat the exercise. Continue the cycle of exercise and relaxation three times. This exercise tones you thighs, hips, butt, upper arms and chest. You can hold weights in your hands and wear ankle weights while performing the kicks and punches to increase intensity of exercise.

Cross limb movements

This exercise can be performed in two different ways. You can hold dumbbells and wear ankle weights. Perform this exercise in chest level water. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Hands should be straight down. Twist your torso towards right and simultaneously swing your hands towards right. Hands should reach shoulder height. Count till five. Lower your hands, straighten your torso and get ready to twist and swing towards left. For the second format, begin with the same position as in the previous variation. This time, when you twist your torso and swing your hands, swing your corresponding leg in the same direction as well. So, if you are twisting right, you use your left hand and leg. 30 seconds is all you need for these exercises. For best results, do this exercise everyday day.

Forward swings

For forward swings, begin with standing with your back straight and legs shoulder width apart. The exercise is performed in chest level water, and is great for full body toning. At the count of one, take a small jump and swing both your hands and your legs forward. Bring them down and repeat the exercise. For this exercise, do not count five between successive reps. If you find the exercise too difficult to perform, you can move to the edge of the pool and hold the wall for support. Your back should be towards the wall. Do as many swings as you can in 30 seconds. This is one of the best exercises for the lower body and for your abs.

Beach ball rolls

This tones your legs, abs, butt and back. Hold the beach ball close to your chest and float on your back. Feet should be together and legs should be extended. Roll over in the water to your right while holding the ball. All parts of the body, legs, core, shoulders and back, should be used for the roll. Make one full spin in the water and end up floating on your back. Count five and roll over again. Ensure that your head remains above water during the entire spin. Beginners can begin by rocking from one side to another instead of going into a full roll. Allot 30 seconds for the exercise, and as you grow stronger, perform three reps of 30 seconds each.

Kick waves

To perform kick waves, hold the edge of the pool and float on your stomach. Legs should be extended straight. Bend your knees and draw your legs close to your chest. Now kick out forcefully such that you legs are horizontal once more, while the kick creates waves in the pool. Draw back your legs to repeat the kick. Continue for 30 seconds. Once you get used to the exercise, use strap ankle weights to make the kick tougher. The closer you drag legs to your chest, higher will be the intensity of your kick. This exercise is good for abs, thighs, butt and legs. You can burn more calories if you use your abs and hips for the kick. If you cannot kick continuously for 30 seconds, just paddle your legs in the same position.

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