Control your anger before it controls you: 10 Tips

Anger management

Have you ever felt like punching your enemy right on his face? Do you feel like stumbling the person who has betrayed you? If yes, don’t worry, anger is quiet common and in fact a healthy and a normal emotion. But, uncontrolled anger will have negative effects on your health, family and relationships. Anger management is not very difficult. Here are a few tips to control your anger.

1. Count till 10

When ever you are angry don’t react to the person immediately, count to 10 while taking deep breaths. In this manner, you will take time and automatically your temper level will come down. This is the easiest way to control anger.

2. Get involved in a physical activity

Involving in a physical activity will help you reduce your anger. It provides a means for letting out emotions. Just go out for a walk or run, or go to a gym where you can do various exercises. You will feel better and more relaxed after exercise than you were before you worked out.

3. Think twice before you speak

When you are angry, you often tend to loose control of your tongue and use improper words, later regret for doing so. Control your tongue, take few minutes before you speak, you will get time to think about what you are going to speak. This way, you won’t be hurting others who are involved in the situation.

4. Use Humor

Humor will help you reduce anger in many ways. It will help you achieve a balanced perspective. When you get angry, call him/her a name or refer to him/her in some comic phrase and picture what that word would actually look like. This will make you laugh and you will be surprised that you were angry few moments ago.

5. Meditation

Meditation is one the best ways to reduce your anger. Just close your eyes and observe your breath, this is the best way for meditating. Well, you may adopt to your own meditation techniques. Meditation helps body and mind relax simultaneously.

6. Change your location

The best thing to do while you are fuming with anger is to leave the place in which you are angry. Just go into a room where no one else is there, sit in a chair and relax or else lie on a bed and close your eyes. This way you will reduce your anger within no time.

7. Scribble your thoughts on a paper

Instead of destroying things around you, write your thoughts on a paper regarding why you are angry and what you are feeling at this moment, try to include all the details. If you are unable to do that just keep scribbling on the paper. This will help you relax and automatically your anger will vanish.

8. Scream loudly with a pillow

Put a pillow against your mouth and scream loudly. You will be exhausted once you are done with screaming and you will feel relaxed. This way, you wont be disturbing others and at the same time you will reduce your anger. If you are violent, hit a sandbag or squeeze soft toys, this will lower your anger.

9. Think of something completely different

If someone has done something which makes you angry. Think about something else which will make you happy. The best medicine to negativity is to focus on the positivity. Just ignore what the person has said, he won’t repeat it next time if you are not paying any attention.

10. Use reasons to stop your anger

When you are angry, take a step back and say to yourself that anger will not help you in any way. In fact, anger will make the situation worse. Think about the negative results due to your anger, this can scare you from getting angry.

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