Common myths about cosmetic surgery which demand a closer look

Cosmetic surgery which was once used to correct and restore the function of a body part is being increasingly used to improve its form too! However, there is a great fear that an attempt for external beauty may result in unnecessary damage to the body. While some of these fears are facts and they prevail, many are still unfounded. Here are some common myths about cosmetic surgery.

Breast augmentation interferes with the annual mammogram

Since mammograms depend on the structure of the breasts, it is easy to understand why this myth would have arisen. Experts, however, say that sub-muscular implants help to define the planes of the breast and make it easier to interpret. Technology has made it possible for radiologists to compensate for the implants during the imaging. All that one would have to ensure is to let the technician know that the order is for a mammogram with implants and have a base-line mammogram taken before the implant surgery is done.

Breast augmentation needs new implants every ten years

When one has any other implant put into the body, say a pacemaker, it is given a life after which it has to be replaced. The same has been assumed for breast augmentation too. But breast implants are made from high quality materials and under very strict guidelines. There is no need to ever have them removed or replaced. The only rare situations where a replacement is warranted is when there are some medical complications due to the implants, some leakage or if the owner of the implants chooses to adjust the size of the implants.

Liposuction is the best way to lose the excess pounds in the body

Liposuction is a procedure that saves one from all the rigors and discipline of exercise and diet and helps gain a stately shape in quick time. It is almost as if people want to believe it to be the first step in a weight-loss mode! However, removal of large amounts of fat leads to great risks in the surgery. Liposuction is best suited for those that are close to their ideal body weight and are unable to melt some stubborn fat. So, it should actually be the last resort while on weight loss and not the first option.

Dysport and botox are products that make the face expressionless

Dysport and botox are cosmetic products that soften over-exaggerated furrows and lines. Since facial expressions are often determined by these furrows and lines, this myth has originated. If it is done by a board-certified provider who has training in facial muscles, then the likelihood of complications and such disastrous effects is very small. Most of the expressionless faces are because of an inexperienced person doing the job.

Injectable wrinkle fillers will worsen the wrinkles after the procedure effects wear away

This is true that products like injectable wrinkle fillers have a finite lifetime after which their effects wear off. The misconception that the products will worsen the original condition probably arose from the fact that looking at oneself after the effects have worn off comes like a shock. The skin only returns to its normal state which had been camouflaged all this while. So, products like injectable wrinkle fillers have no long-term disadvantages but definitely carry short-term benefits.

Any facelift is noticeable

Well, this is something that people want, otherwise why would they opt for a facelift? However, in this case we are referring to those ugly scars or marks that remain as telltale signs of a facelift which reinforce this belief. But for every case that has noticeable disfigurations, there are hundreds of cases of delicate and fine finishes. Modern plastic-surgery techniques make sure that your facelift gets you noticed only in the positive sense. It would be best to do your homework and compare surgeons before accepting to get the procedures done.

Cosmetic surgeries are only for the wealthy and affluent

This myth would have held water two decades back. But today, it is not so. However, it takes time to clear ignorance and spread knowledge. Cosmetic procedures are on the rise because they have become affordable to the general populace. There are many offices that offer in-house financing or third-party financing to ease the cash flows and remove the hassle of large payments up-front. Surgery centers too, in their need to survive and thrive, offer self-pay rates to the cosmetic offices to set-off the cost of the facility and anesthesia fees.

All laser treatments work the same

The use of lasers in cosmetic surgery is a new and exciting prospect. However, laser treatment has been largely misunderstood because people are not aware that lasers come in hundreds of variants. There are lasers to remove birthmarks, moles, sunspots and tattoos. There are lasers to remove hair, tighten skin, treat cancer and even do non-invasive body contouring. It needs research and recommendations to understand which laser is best suited for your treatment.

Chemical peels damage the skin

There are thousands of chemicals out there that harm the skin and so, people assume that the chemicals in cosmetic products do the same. The products are manufactured with great care to ensure that they do no harm the skin. However, if the application of such products is not monitored by knowledgeable professionals, there are chances of skin damage. Again, the secret lies in careful selection of the professional for the procedure.

Use of fillers on the lips result in duck lips

This is only a partial myth! The presence of people who have undergone lip filler procedures and have duck lips often scares anyone planning on one. If you want plump lips without the duck-beak effect, it is vital that you do your homework. Choose the perfect surgeon for the job. And while choosing, have a look at the photos of all the treated patients. Nothing speaks louder than pictures. And do not insist on too much filler. When it comes to sexy, puckered lips, less is definitely more as far as the fillers are concerned.

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