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Choosing the right hair loss treatment

Hair loss treatment

Hair loss is one of the major diseases and problem which is faced by large number of people all over the world. Losing 50 to 100 hairs per day is normal but if you lose more then you really need to consult a doctor. Hair loss problem arises mainly due to aging but there are other factors which can lead to it. Hair loss is stressful as it affects your appearance. But there is no need to worry as there are many treatments to control hair loss. There are many treatments for hair loss which include internal medication, external medication, surgical intervention concealment and other alternative treatments. Choosing the particular treatment is only decided after diagnosing what is the actual cause of losing hair and also the amount one could afford to spend. Due to certain specific factors which are related to sex, the treatments for men and women may vary. Some hair loss treatments are given below.

1. Surgical treatments

This treatment is only used in serious cases when other treatments are of no avail. It actually is transplanting hair by surgical methods. In this process, the surgeon transplants hair from one body portion to the affected hair loss patches. Usually, the hair is taken from the back of scalp. In case of identical twins, the hair can be transplanted from one to other twin as they have the identical genes, hence the hair transplanted to the twin who has hair loss will not be rejected by his body. But in case of non-identical twins, hair are rejected by body and hence very difficult to transplant hair between non-identical twins. In few cases, if given proper and special medication, body can be made to accept the hair for transplant. This type of treatment is preferred by the people with high budget. Many celebrities have already undergone this treatment to bring back their hair so that they look beautiful and attractive as before. This type of treatment is successful in long run and is costlier than other treatments.

2. Hair loss medication

Hair loss can be cured also by having various proper medications as prescribed by the doctor. Various pharmaceutical companies make the drugs for the treatment of hair loss. Some examples of such kind of medications to prevent hair loss are Minoxidil and Finasteride. Being a topical treatment Minoxidil can be helpful to both women and men to prevent hair loss. While as Finasteride stops the release of substance known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which actually is responsible for hair loss. Androgen receptor inhibitors are class of drugs which are used to treat the hair loss in women. These drugs include aldactone, cyproterone acetate and tagament. For androgenectic hair loss, oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy can also be used to prevent hair loss. This type of treatment may be long time treatment until medication starts to show its result. In some cases, the result of the treatment may be faster. This is not as costly as the surgical treatment.

3. Concealing hair loss

There are also various treatments which in real sense do not prevent hair loss but they only minimize the hair loss appearance. Since many people think that medication may have other alternative implications they prefer natural methods/techniques to prevent hair loss. One technique is to insert miniature balloons beneath skin to expand the scalp then the balding spots are surgically patched up using the expanded hairy area. Another method is to remove the excess skin which is on the scalp by surgical methods hence reducing the balding area size. It is called as scalp reduction technique.This type of treatment is not as costly as surgical treatment. This comes under average cost.

4. Alternative treatment

There are many other alternative natural methods which people prefer to use to prevent hair loss problem.These kinds of natural treatments have the major benefit that they have less expensive than the other treatments listed above. But there is very less report available to prove their effectiveness. These techniques are mainly based on traditional methods which were used before the existence of the modern medical science by the various cultures. Some of the treatments include the products which are formed by mixture of various types of herbs, minerals and vitamins which either prevent the hair loss problem or stimulate the hair growth process. These types of treatments include both applying the mixtured product on the skin or to take the product orally. In far flung areas, people mostly prefer these types of treatments rather than new scientific techniques.

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