Bust stress with Tai Chi: The essential, calming exercises

Stress is one of the major problems of 21st century that requires to be overcome. Untreated stress can cause both physical and mental deterioration and chronic pain. Tai chi movements and exercises are slow and controlled and emphasize on your breath. According to several researches, tai chi exercises are proved to be helpful for physical ailments like hypertension and arthritis as well as mood disorders like stress, anxiety and depression.

Tai chi exercises are designed in such a manner that they stimulate the flow of bio energy (qi) through your organs and body. These exercises concentrate on right postures and spinal alignments for ejecting stress, releasing tension and improving digestive system. Tai chi movements are simple to learn as anyone at any age can achieve benefit from these exercises.

Arms circles

Arms circles are quite an easy tai chi exercise that can be performed even by senior citizens because you just need to sit on a chair with your feet flat on the ground. It begins with sitting in a relaxed posture on a chair with a straight back. Then raise your arms in front your face with slightly bent elbows, keep your fingers and wrists relaxed. Now, with your wrist, gently make outward circles six times. Then, make six outward circles with the forearms. Then circle your shoulders and arms outward six times gently. Now, repeat all movements by gently circling inward. Perform this exercise for three to four minutes and feel the change. This tai chi exercise will be really helpful for stress busting and relaxing.

The shower

The shower is one of the perfect tai chi techniques that can help you in washing out all stress from you mind and body. Begin with taking a kneeling or seated position. Now, close your eyes and try to imagine that you are sitting under a shower. Try to feel like water is pouring on your body at a temperature that you desire. Also, imagine the running water of shower is washing out all of your stress. Take deep breaths while sitting in the same position. You can perform this tai chi exercise as long as it is necessary. You can feel the change in your mood within a few seconds. It will remove all the stress from your body.

Leg cycling

Leg cycling is an utmost simple exercise. You just need to sit on a chair and keep your feet flat on the surface. Now, raise your right leg while keeping the right knee bent. Then, make circles with your lower right leg, gently, six times clockwise and then six times anti-clockwise. Now, place the feet back on the surface and change the leg position. Repeat six circles first clockwise and then anti-clockwise with the left leg. In the next step, make six circles with right leg and then left leg in the same direction. After this, change the direction and repeat the last step. Perform this exercise continuously for two to three minutes and you will notice a great change.

Tai Chi sitting meditation

Actually, tai chi meditation is a warm up exercise. But, it is also known as one of the best stress busting tai chi exercises. Let’s start with sitting on a bench or chair with straight spine, and torso and shoulders relaxed. Keep your knees equivalent to the hip width and feet properly under the knees and pointing towards front. Now, gently place your palms on your knees and let them rest over there. Then, close your eyes and try to focus your entire attention on your body. Sit quietly in the same manner for at least 10 minutes. It can be really relaxing and evacuate all stress out of your body and mind.

Neck relaxer

It is a very simple and easy tai chi exercise that will help you in stress busting. In the beginning, sit on a chair, normally relaxed. Keep your feet flat on the surface and spine straight, not stiff. Now, bring your chin towards your chest while opening the back of your neck. Then drop your right ear towards the right shoulder while opening the left side of the neck slowly. Now, bring your head back in the center gently and chin towards your chest. Repeat all steps while changing the side from right to left and opening your right side of the neck. Roll back your head in the center again. Continuously, repeat all steps for three to four minutes while changing from side to side and breathing comfortably. After this exercise, your neck and shoulder will feel fully relaxed.

Rocking motion

Rocking motion is a tai chi movement that helps in relieving you from stress by stimulating acupressure points under feet. It begins with standing straight and shifting the entire body weight to the heels. It will allow your toes to come off the surface. Now, shift all your weight on to the toes, this will eventually allow your heels to come off the ground. Continue shifting your weight from heels to toes in a gentle, controlled manner. It is a great tai chi exercise for all those people who always feel stressed and depressed. A regular workout will be really advantageous for your health.

Return to center

According Mark Evans, “return to center” is a tai chi exercise that is especially designed for stress busting, and for centering and clearing the mind. Begin with standing straight and keeping feet at little more than your shoulder-width. Now, hold your arms close to your thighs. Bring your palms up and move your arms together slowly above the head. This motion of both arms should be gentle and controlled, and make a semi circle at your sides. Exhale deeply when you lower down your hands to the chest level by bending your elbows. Continue the previous steps until your hands get back to the starting position. Repeat the complete process for two to three minutes. The result will be really beneficial.

Pushing hand

Pushing hand is a non-violent form of Tai Chi. In this exercise, people maintain their arm contact while trying to push each other and to unbalance them. Typically, there is no hitting, wrestling or kicking, but there are some styles where joint locks and throws are part of the exercise. Push hands can be performed in cooperative and non threatening way. It promotes the mental focus that helps with ease in stress and relaxation.

Basically, there are three different steps in this pushing hands tai chi technique. The first step requires single hand technique. The second incorporates the use of both hands technique and the last step requires a few specific stepping movements incorporated in the previous two techniques.

Relaxation awareness

Relaxation awareness is a wonderful stress busting tai chi exercise. To perform this exercise, stand straight and hold the same position for a minute. Then, gently start feeling heavier and heavier in your feet. Imagine like your feet grounding into the surface till you feel immovable and stable. Breathe normally and relaxed. Try to feel more and more grounded into the surface. The longer you will hold the same position, the more you will feel relaxed and stress busted.

White crane spreads wings

This tai chi technique is listed as one of the major techniques that helps in stress busting by boosting relaxation. Begin with standing straight and keeping feet at little more than your shoulder-width apart. Keep your hands out at your sides and palms facing forward. Now, turn your body towards your left side by turning both feet 45 degrees in the same direction. Then, gently move a step ahead by placing your right foot out. Now, bring your right hand out in front of your face with the palm keeping inwards. The next step is to shift your left hand to the waist and bring the right foot back in the previous position beneath the body, and then back to the right side. Now, shift your entire weight on the right leg and take your left leg inside. The last step is to bend the right arm and move the elbow out. It will be really relaxing and stress busting.

Tai Chi pouring

Tai Chi pouring begins with keeping both feet flat on the floor and parallel to each other. Keep them shoulder width apart. Then, start pouring your body weight to your left side and keep the right side empty or on the vacation. Stand in the same position for few seconds and then come back to normal position with weight back to the center. Now, slowly pour your body weight to the right side, hold the same position, and then come back to normal position with weight in center of your body. Continuously pour your weight from side to side repeatedly while breathing naturally, for three to four minutes. This stress busting tai chi exercise is quite easy that anyone can perform even while waiting in the line.

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