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Beware of quick slimming

Planning to lose weight is a healthy idea. But before you set your goals and try working hard towards them, it is important to know the ideal rate of weight loss. Quick slimming can be ineffective as well as dangerous.

Many advertisements claim that with their weight loss regimen or supplements you can lose many pounds of weight in a very short span. But hold on! It may not always be permanent and moreover they can affect your health.

Quick swimming

Science speaks

Preventive medicine at Mayoclinic suggests that it is ideal to lose 1 to 2 pounds in a week. This will also help in maintaining an ideal weight even later on. Losing weight rapidly does not necessarily mean burning excess fat; it could be water or lean tissue in the body. Thus, while rapid weight loss can be ineffective, it can also have adverse effects on your health.

Side effects of rapid weight loss

Some of the dangerous effects that can occur as a result of quick slimming are:

· Losing muscle for weight – Your muscles are your strength and you need them for your metabolism. As your body can burn only limited fat, when you limit your calorie intake, you start losing water and muscle mass from the body.

· Want of energy – Severe cutting of calories or increased work outs to meet the desired weight loss goals can leave you exhausted. You may lack the energy required for daily activities and feel fatigued.

· Nutritional deficiency – In a rush to lose weight, you may be cutting down on calories and other essential foods. There are chances that you might be deprived of the vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals. This can have variable harmful effects on your health and development.

· Gall stones – Sudden weight loss can increase the risk of formation of gallstones, especially in obese persons.

You can help

You can help yourself by being informed regarding your weight loss regimen and avoid getting trapped in the over claiming advertisements of quick slimming. It is advisable to consult a medical expert before beginning your weight loss plan. The key to effective and safe weight loss is to move steadily and consistently. Making lifestyle modifications in your routine will help you to stick to a healthy eating and living plan and you will find easier to follow it for a longer period.

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