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Best cardiovascular abs specialization exercises for beginners

Losing the belly fat has never been easy enough. It involves a combination of various exercises along with proper diet. For beginners, an important factor to keep in mind is that doing any exercise the right way is very important. Else, they end up being far from the desired results. You should remember that those attractive flat abs are not the result of some mediocre routine. Most of the cardiovascular exercises do not require special machinery or equipment. In fact, you can just follow the outdoor cardio regime which does not require any investment but has the best results to offer.


Running is the best cardiovascular exercise. The best part is that you do not require any special equipment. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes.

The benefit of this workout is that your whole body is involved in the exercise. You work out your abs while running. Your stomach gets hard while you run, hence toning the abs.

This exercise can be strenuous for people who have no hand on running. You can start by running for short distances first. Once your body becomes accustomed to this workout, you can increase your distance.

Running makes you sweat which means you burn fat and lose calories. Your abs will begin to tone as and when you will burn more fat. If you run more, you will burn more calories and in turn tone out your abs faster.

How much distance can you run and how fast can you run differ from person to person. You should analyze your speed and capability and then set targets. You should always try to do that ‘extra’ to achieve better results.

You can go running almost every day. You should prefer morning hours as they offer better results.


Cycling is another great cardiovascular workout. It need not be treated as an exercise. You can just go cycling with friends and consider it as a fun activity.

As obvious, the only equipment you need is a cycle. Like running, the distance and the speed of cycling depend on you. You should always try to cycle up the slope. It is harder, hence requires more strength. You will sweat more and in turn tone out your abs better.

You can also perform this activity indoor. All you need to keep in mind is that you should avoid cycles with backrest. They are slow and do not give the desired results.

Beginners may face strain during or after cycling. Hence, it is advisable to cover distances that you can manage and at the right speed. You should increase your distances and speed once you are comfortable with this exercise.

Like running, you can go cycling every day.


Don’t we just all love swimming in hot summer days? Well, for those of you who still have not realized, swimming is also a cardiovascular exercise that not only tones down your abs but also the entire body.

A lot of stamina and strength are required to work your way forward in water. This builds muscle tissues, thus, burning your fat. Hence, your abdominal area gets toned.

Like the above mentioned cardiovascular exercises, swimming too depends from person to person. Since you cannot alter the dimensions of a swimming pool, you can decide the number of rounds that you are going to make.

Swimming styles vary. You should go for the one that you are most comfortable in. Once you specialize, you can ask someone to keep a check on your time. You should try to complete within shorter durations.

Swimming should be done at least thrice a week but you can always alter your schedule as per your requirements.


Walking is preferred for people who have less stamina. The thing to be remembered is that slow paced walking is not going to benefit you. You should have a steady, fast pace to get the desired results.

All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes. Since walking is very simple, people of all ages can perform this exercise.

Walking at a fast pace ensures that your whole body is involved in the workout. As a result, you will be able to tone down your abs.

Beginners may have sore feet for a few days as a result of walking. Also, they might get tired very easily.

You should fix a distance that you can manage. Once you get used to it, you can increase the distance gradually. You should include walking in your daily routine for best results. Also, morning walk should be preferred over evening one.

Reverse crunches

This is another cardiovascular workout that does not require any specific equipment. You can perform this on a mat or on your carpet.

It is very simple. Start by lying flat on the floor. Your knees should be bent. Keep your feet slightly above the ground. You should bring your knees and touch them to your chest. The trick is that you are not allowed to use your leg muscles. When you use your abdomen, you can feel tremendous strain on your abs. But this is normal as it is only burning your fat and toning your abs.

To make this exercise slightly tougher, you can stretch your legs in the air with the knees slightly bent. Now try and bring your knees to touch your chest.

You should repeat this 10 times in each set. You should perform 3 sets thrice a week.

People with back problem should avoid reverse crunches.

Side crunches

This is an amazing exercise for toning down your abs. You start by lying straight on the floor. Keep your hands behind your head. Bend your knees and join the feet. Now you raise your upper body and twist to one side. While doing this, you have to touch the elbow of the hand opposite to the side you are turning with the knee of the side you are turning. For example, if you are turning towards the right side, this means that you have to bring your left elbow and touch the right knee.

While performing this exercise, you should keep in mind that your back should be kept straight. This is to avoid back pain.

You should repeat this exercise 10 times and perform least 3 sets. That is a total of 30 repetitions. Do not forget to switch sides.

Knee to elbow crunch

This is another modification of the basic crunches. You start by lying flat on the floor. You should keep your hands behind your head. Start from the right side. Bend your right knee. Now try to touch your right knee with your left elbow.

This will cause a strain on your abs. Try to hold the position as long as you can. Now bring your knee back to its original position and switch sides.

This exercise also should be performed in sets of 3 with 10 repetitions each. Take small intervals between sets.

One thing that is to be kept in mind while doing this exercise is that your back should be kept firm to the ground else it can cause back pain.

Slide planks

This is a variation of the normal plank exercise. You start by lying down towards one side. Keep the opposite hand on your waist. Now try to pull yourself up using your hand towards the side you are lying down.

Stay in this position for as long as you can, holding your breath. Slowly come down to the rest position.

Always remember to keep your body in one straight line while performing this exercise. This exercise should be repeated 10 times with 2 to 3 sets. Do not forget to change sides.

People with back pain should avoid this. You might not be able to repeat this for 10 times on the very first day. But do not worry and go easy. Do as much is possible for you. Try to increase the number of repetitions gradually. Once your abdominal muscles start to tone, they will become stronger and you will be able to pull this regime for a longer duration.

Scissors and imaginary circles

In this exercise, you lie flat on the floor with your feet slightly apart. Next, you bring your legs up in the air, that is, above the ground but not completely vertical. After this, you bring one foot on top of the other and again. Do it for at least 10 times.

It will produce immediate strain on your abs.

Next, you can try to draw imaginary circles with your feet. It will also cause tremendous strain on your abdomen.

Beginners do notice that this exercise will be quite difficult for you initially. But once you tend to overcome the strain, you will be able to do it for longer durations.

While carrying out this workout, attention should be paid that in no case your back should be arched. If so, it can cause back pain. Also, while lifting up your legs in the air, try to do it from your abs and not focus on your legs.