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Best 5 exercises to enlarge breast size

Looking for ways to make your breasts look fuller? Well, in that case you have several options available. Of them, going under the knife or getting a breast enlargement surgery is probably the first choice among females. However, surgical procedures for breast enlargements are fraught with risks and dangers. To play it safe and secure, try out the simple exercises that build the muscles underneath your breasts, making them appear fuller in shape.

Chest dips

You can perform chest dips without making a trip down to the fitness corner. Wondering what dip bars mean? Dip bars are semi-rectangular bars available in pairs and are primarily around the waist level. To begin with, stand with the bars on each side and put your hands on them. Next, slowly and gradually lift yourself up using both the hands and in a manner that the feet do not touch the ground. Then, using your hands and elbows for support, push yourself slowly towards the ground. Your feet should remain off the ground for the entire course of exercise. Now, pull yourself up gradually back again. The procedure needs to be repeated 10 to 20 times. It is advisable to perform as many sets as your body and energy levels permit. If you face difficulty finding dip bars near your place of residence, use chairs as alternatives. Chairs with fixed legs are ideal for chest dips. Be sure not to perform the exercise with a wheeled chair since wheels may cause the chair to slip.

Rotation push ups

Rotation push ups work to train one’s shoulder muscles and increase core stability. Hence, you should focus on giving your best and performing the exercise for the maximum number of times. In performing rotational push ups, the first thing to do is set yourself up and face down towards the floor. Use your toes and palms to support your body weight. What follows next is a series of normal push ups, minus the twist. Every time you finish performing a push up, lift the right arm to form a 180 degree angle from the floor. Then, go back to the normal position and perform another push up. This time your left arm should be raised at a 180 degree angle from the floor. The pattern needs to be repeated for 10 to 20 times. Over time, rotational push ups have become one of the most effective methods for breast enlargement among women. For optimum results, it would be advisable to perform the push ups regularly for a few weeks.

Elevated push ups

In performing elevated push ups, place the feet on an incline first. This could be anything ranging from a bench to a simple chair. After assuming the press up position, lower your body until the chest is only about an inch from the floor. The position needs to be held for a second before you push yourself back again. Be sure to keep the body straight for the entire course of the exercise and never let the hips sag. For best results, it is advisable to maintain tight abs throughout. Also, make sure that you breathe in during your way down and breathe out while going up. Make the push up all the more difficult by stopping or pausing at the beginning of every rep and lifting one of your arms off the floor to point it straight ahead for a count of five.

Wall ups

Wall up is an exercise which you can perform with no equipment whatsoever. All you need is a wall to lean on. The exercise is ideal for people with a weak upper body which prevents them from performing three quarter style press ups or boxes. To begin with, lean against a wall and hold your arms straight from a position six inches lower than the shoulder height. Next, start inhaling slowly and bend the arms to push the chest forward towards the wall. In sharp contrast to other press up movements, here you will find that as the body is lowered down, the alignment formed by the wrists and shoulders changes greatly.


The chest fly and chest press exercises are similar in nature. In fly, you need to hold light dumbbells straight up into the air with your palms facing together. As the weight is slowly lowered to your sides, you can feel the move working across your chest area, upper arms and shoulders. The wrists should remain firm, with the elbows bent slightly as you push yourself back up. Be sure not to let the elbows or shoulders drop lower than the bench. Now that you now the basics of fly, let us show you how the exercise is performed. To begin with, lie with your face up on an exercise bench. The dumbbells should be held parallel to one another. Next, bring you arms down slowly to both your sides and keep the elbows bent slightly. Maintain the position for a second before squeezing the chest muscles to bring the weights back to the starting position.

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