Arthritis patients can avail the benefits of these latest treatments

Arthritis patient

If you are sick of pain relievers, glucosamine and chondroiton to manage your painful arthritic joints, the latest treatments can uplift your spirit. Aging takes a toll on the joint health as the supporting cartilage wears off causing pain and swelling in the joints known as arthritis.  Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis affecting millions across the globe.

The cartilage acts as a cushion protecting the ends of bones reducing chances of friction. Synovial fluid released by the cartilage keeps the joints lubricated. In arthritic condition, the membranes thicken causing accumulation of more fluid leading to pain and inflammation.

For years, there was truly no effective solution for chronic joint pains and one can get temporary relief through medications, injections, exercises and other alternative treatments. But recent scientific breakthroughs are giving new hopes to protect your joints from wear and tear so that you can enjoy an active life in spite of aging.

UC II capsules:

UC II capsules

It is a small capsule loaded with a special collagen extract which our body can utilize for joint repair. Taking one capsule per day is enough to do the necessary repair. A recent clinical study published in Nutrition Journal spoke highly of the dramatic improvement in knee pain using UC II capsules compared to glucosamine and chondroiton injections.

UC II is a patent form of un-denatured collagen extracted from the sternum cartilage of chicken. This un-denatured collagen is not exposed to heat or chemicals. It contains active immune modulators which slow down the inflammation and pain of the joints and prevents the breakdown of collagen.

People who have undergone constructive surgery for joint repairs, especially those engaged in sporting activities, experienced great benefits of UCII capsules. It is better to use this as a preventive medicine before your arthritic pain becomes unbearable as it would prevent the cartilage from wearing out and continue to give your joints the required support.

Yap protein repairing cartilage damage:


In a recent discovery by the research team of the University of Aberdeen’s Centre for Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Health, a new treatment for arthritis with stem cells has been reported.

The inflammation of synovial membrane of the knee causes pain and swelling. The stem cells were identified in this membrane which can repair the damaged cartilage. A key protein known as Yap present in the membrane has also been identified to contribute to the cartilage repair.

It has also been noticed that the presence of Yap protein is high in the enlarged synovial membrane when the joint is injured.  But when the protein is removed from the stem cells, the synovial membrane of the joints stops expanding, but due to the absence of the protein, the cells have a much reduced capability of cartilage repair.

The findings are quite intriguing as these identified stem cells are derived from the cells which are responsible for the development of bones and joints during the fetal stage. These original cells are able to recreate joint tissues and help in repairing joints in adulthood.

These two key findings no doubt have provided a great breakthrough in arthritis treatment, which is considered irreversible leaving a significant portion of aged population crippled.

The main takeaways from this 5 yearlong study are:

-The researchers are in a better position to plan the action of treatment with drugs and other forms of treatment benefitting the arthritis patients.

-This degenerative disease can be tackled at the early stage preventing worsening of condition. The researchers are aiming to boost the aging cells with stem cell treatment to prevent serious damage in future.

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