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Approved HIV home test

With the rising incidence of HIV, it is important that people regularly undergo HIV tests. While the laboratory tests can be expensive and might not be convenient for all, there is a need that people have a more easy option. Moreover, this, also being a personal issue, many people find it comfortable to do the test in private. Home testing for HIV can serve the purpose. This is one step towards being in control of your health.

Recently, the U.S Food and Drug Administration have approved the Orasure home HIV test. This is the first of its kind home HIV test and will prove to be a convenient option for the people. Identifying the presence of HIV infection is very important in order to control the spread of HIV. With the availability of a home HIV test people will be more comfortable getting this test done and will be able to take medical treatment, if required.



The test kit contains the required material. The test person can take an oral test sample by swabbing the gums on the inner side of the mouth. This sample needs to be placed in the vial provided and results can be read after 20 minutes. The test has a high specificity and is less likely to have false results.


If the test results read positive, it means that further laboratory tests need to be done to confirm the diagnosis. If the test results read negative, it does not necessarily mean that the person is not HIV infected, especially when there has been a history of exposure in the recent past months.


This test can prove to be a boon for screening HIV infected people and providing them with early medical care and educating them to prevent the spread of the infection.

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