Advanced monitoring system and management of diabetes brings a relief for diabetics- Do you agree?


The effect of diabetes on our health is serious as the disease affects our eyes, kidney, heart and brings down the immunity level. Rising stress and tension along with bad lifestyle are the main cause for diabetes. It is not possible every time to keep a track of this chronic disease. People suffering from it need to monitor glucose level constantly. In this scenario, you may think that an advanced diabetes management technology can make your life little simple. This technology can help to take a preventive measure as well as care for people suffering from diabetes. With the advent of mobile health technologies, people are getting quick assistance from the physician.

In this article, we will discuss how management technology has helped to make our life simple.

How smartphone apps and smart watches help in diabetes management

smartphone apps

There are apps and smart watches which detect your heartbeat and glucose level. The apps and gadgets encouraged a lot of people to monitor their glucose level report. It enforced a lot of people to lead a healthy life with the effective management of diabetes through mhealth.

The advent of the latest technology and introduction of high-speed data has opened a new avenue for people who can constantly monitor their diet, glucose, and daily physical activity. People working in an office can keep a tab on their physical activity as well as diet while sitting in their office workstation. Diabetes virtual system management can help in self-management of diet as well as make seamless communication with the doctor and the patient when required. Through these technologies, the patients become more conscious of their health. They can constantly monitor their food intake and physical activity and work on reducing their glucose level. Various diabetes mobile apps are available in the Apple and Google Play Stores. The gizmo freaks love monitoring their sugar level, heartbeat, pulse rate and so on.

With the advancement of technology, the patient can instantly share their report with the doctor immediately after checking through the app. The diabetes management technology provides new tools as well as insights that help the patient monitor their health for a better life.

Any age group from a child to an adult can suffer from diabetes, so these apps are effective for monitoring the glucose level after fasting and eating. Unhealthy lifestyle, heredity diabetes, excessive stress cause diabetes. Some people are even living with pre-diabetes and they are not even aware of it. Serious health hazard lead to high glucose level and diabetes virtual management can help you flight this disease.

You can find your personal health coach from these apps who can guide you on your daily diet plan, workout and glucose level monitoring. The coach can motivate you and you can get personal feedback if you upload your picture in the app. For effective management of diabetes through mhealth, you need to remember patience is a virtue. Follow the customized diet plan and routine exercise can help you lead a healthy life. If you are more conscious of your health from the beginning, then you can prevent diabetes.

Another benefit of using diabetes related technology includes discounted rates on insurance products. Melissa Thompson of Diabetes 365 states ” many insurance providers of Health, Life, and Disability insurance may offer discounted rates to people with diabetes who uses monitoring devices. If an applicant agrees to share their data and activity they will be rewarded with lower premiums. As an example, life insurance for diabetics tends to be relatively expensive. Simply sharing your personal data is a great way to lower premiums by 10% to 15%.”

In this fast-paced world, every 1 out of 3 people suffers from diabetes and people are unaware of it. So, spread awareness to lower the rate of high glucose level. People must have a healthy diet plan and proper physical activity to avoid any kind of diseases from a very young age.

activity tracker watchInvest in an activity tracker watch that will be on your wrist and you can set alarm for your food and exercise while working in the office or cooking in the kitchen. Young people who are health conscious are wearing the watch to keep a constant check on their health.

Your health is in your hand! If you want to live a healthy life free from diseases, then advance monitoring system can save you from burning hole in your pocket once the disease is detected. Remember, prevention is better than cure, so consult a doctor and go for a routine check-up to live a healthy life. Spread the word of awareness and join hands to eradicate diabetes from our life.

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