9 Health issues people are embarassed to disclose

Embarassing health issues

A good health is indeed one of the finest wealth a man can possess. Not only does it keep you energized and fit for the day but it also ensures that you are able to live your life fruitfully. However, good health can never be static. It is bound to be certain complications, which may arise due to multiple factors. During such occasions, It is important to consult your doctor and seek expert opinion on how to go about rectifying the problem. Nonetheless, there are a few people who find their disease to be exceptionally embarrassing to be talked about. Enlisted here are 9 such health issues which people are generally embarrassed to disclose.

1. Cancer

Considered to be one of the deadliest diseases for mankind, it is also a well-kept secret for most. The major reason people wish to keep cancer a secret is due to the stigma associated with it. However, it must be remembered that no matter how well you hide it, while you undergo chemotherapy sessions it will come to light. Thereby, it is better to speak of it, in order to get opinions and emotional support from peers. It has been seen that mental strength harbors the capability of curing cancer.

2. Diabetes

People suffering this fatal disease, live in immense fear of discrimination at workplace and in society. They believe that others, on learning of their problem, would automatically assume that they have a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits. Moreover, they would be discriminated against while being invited to dinners or parties as no one would like to cook curative food for them. Nevertheless, speaking about this problem helps you keep your health in check and yet gather family support.

3. Mental issues

Most mental illnesses are either not detected or their victims suffer in silence. Social stigma is again the reason attributed to this behavior. It is rather true that people with depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder are not looked at with respect. However, being quiet about it will certainly not make the problems vanish. Mental illnesses result from the cumulative effect of environmental, social and psychological factors which must be treated at the earliest.

4. Addiction

For addicts who wish to recuperate, life tends to be difficult. Most people are of the opinion that addiction related problems could have been prevented in the first place and thus notions of insincerity and character flaws are tagged along with the patient. Nevertheless, those who join rehabilitation centers to quit these need to be appreciated for their effort, determination and persistence.

5. Dementia

Instead of trying to hide dementia and seeing people react in strange manners, you must open up and share knowledge of this disease. Not only does this problem cause a mild memory loss but it also poses difficulties for your cognitive abilities. If you let people know, they would understand the reasons of your behaving in a specific manner. if you don’t, they will merely speculate and cause greater harm. Thus, accept your condition completely and reveal it to friends.

6. Eating disorders

Be it anorexia or Bulimia, eating disorders are indeed serious issues which must be dealt with severely. Patients usually feel that any revelation about eating problems is likely to put an end to their social life. Going out with friends or partying with family would tend to get all the more difficult. Nonetheless, they forgo the opinion that sharing it with people would ensure that you keep a check on your eating habits and thus keep these disorders from becoming graver in nature and consequences.

7. STDs

An abbreviation for sexually transmitted diseases, STDs bring about a certain level of indignity and shame to its victims. In fact, in this case, it is perfectly logical to keep mum about it. However, never lie about this disease to your partner. By sharing this with them, they will be able to understand your position better and will actually help you with its prevention and treatment.

8. Asthma

Though Asthma is a disease people do not prefer to hide much, yet there are some who feel a revelation would prove detrimental to their engagement in physical activities. Nonetheless, if they tell people, it would become even easy for them to deal with the problem as friends can come in handy to detect whether your difficult breathing has something to do with Asthma or not. More so, always keep an inhaler at a stone’s throw.

9. Pregnancy

Despite the stark fact that pregnancy is not a disease, women prefer to keep silent about it. This is especially the case with working women who believe that talking about their pregnancy will cut short their working period. However, once you are 12 weeks into it, you must reveal your condition in order to avoid undertaking hazardous tasks or inhaling chemical substances. Moreover, this will invite a little relief from work overload which you can use to strengthen your body mechanisms.

By talking about these problems and sharing them with your peers, you will definitely be able to garner a healthy emotional support which is considered to be an essential part of being cured.

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