9 Essential health tests for women in their 40s

As a woman age, she becomes vulnerable to many health problems like breast cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis, high or low blood pressure, high cholesterol and many other health problems.It is a known fact that prevention is better than cure, so apart from healthy diet and regular exercise, you should undergo some health tests to minimize the chances of health problems in future. Some of the health tests that you should go for, are mentioned below.

Mammogram test

This test is done for breast examination to check the symptoms of breast cancer. You should get it done annually. If you feel breast tenderness, swelling or any type of breast related problem then you must consult your doctor immediately. If you have family history of breast cancer then you must be more alert. Almost 20-25% women are suffering from breast cancer. As it is difficult to treat breast cancer in second stage, so it is necessary to a keep check on it.

Blood Sugar test

If you don’t want to stop eating sweets, chocolates, hot dogs and fried food in future then get your blood sugar test once in every two years. This will minimize the chances of diabetes, overweight and poor working of your pancreas. Proper working of pancreas is needed for maintaining normal sugar level in blood. It is generally done by taking the sample of blood or urine.

Blood pressure test

A healthy heart is a must for proper circulation of blood. High blood pressure increases the heart risk like heart attacks or heart strokes. At the age of 40, normally blood pressure starts rising due to hormonal and diet changes. Healthy diet and regular exercise can be the best method to control high blood pressure. Get your blood pressure test once in two years.

Cholesterol Test

High cholesterol increases the chances of heart attacks or heart strokes. High cholesterol generally results from unhealthy food habits like oily food, cold drinks, junk food, and other fat food items. If you are suffering from high cholesterol then you should change your daily diet and go for regular exercise. If you are overweight get cholesterol test done once in year.

Pap smear or pelvic exam

Doctors generally advise this test to check for cervical cancer. It is a cancer of uterus. Nowadays vaccination to prevent cervical cancer are available at all clinics. This test is also done to check for any sexually transmitted disease. Get this test done once in two years. If you find unusual pain below the abdomen or find unusual spotting then consult your doctor.

Eye test

If you find difficulty in reading or working at computer then get your eye test done immediately to prevent any future problems. Macular degeneration, glaucoma, presbyopia are some of the eye related problems. Get eye test done once in a year or whenever you feel problem related to reading.

Skin cancer test

Unusual appearance in skin color can be related to any serious problem like skin cancer which is called melanoma. Consult your doctor if your find any scar, mole or unusual skin tanning. People with family history of skin cancer are more prone to skin cancer. Get this test done whenever you find any symptoms or once in two years.

Bone density test

At this stage you might feel pain in joints which is generally called arthritis problem. This minimizes the easy movement of joints. If you are suffering from joint pain you should get bone density test done. Doctor will check for level of calcium in your bones. You should increase the intake of milk, yogurt, and other dairy products. After proper advice from doctor, tablet of calcium a day can also work.

Dental Examination

Most of the woman in their 40s complain about tooth pain and also find problem in chewing of food. You should go for dental examination once a year to prevent problem like cavity or tooth pain. Apart from these tests, a healthy diet and regular exercise are must to make your body fit and free from many health problems. Regular consultation with doctor and health tests increase days in your life.

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