9 Aromas that make you healthy

Aromas for sound health

The sense of smell is quite powerful. The human body can distinguish about 10,000 different scents. A smell first reaches the olfactory nerves located inside the nose. From there, the smell travels further up to the part of the brain that functions to control our moods, memories and learning ability. When this area is stimulated, endorphins, neurotransmitters and other ‘feel-good’ chemicals are released. In a nutshell, smells are known to subtly effect our mind and emotions. Pleasant smells assist the brain in creating positive effects that improve our general well-being. Aromatherapy is a great natural alternative to other conventional treatments. It does not completely cure an illness, but can significantly alleviate many of the discomforts associated with it.

Here are some fragrances can be used for different purposes:

1. To prevent a snack attack

Aroma that helps: Banana, green apple or any other favorite scent

It has been established that your favorite fragrance can actually help to successfully curb your cravings. Research studies say that if an obese person is given a banana, a green apple or peppermint leaves to sniff, that actually might control his or her strong craving or an urgent urge to binge upon unhealthy food. Sniffing is thus known to aid rapid weight loss.

2. To calm down

Aroma that helps: Orange or Lavender

Sniffing oranges or lavender is known to cause innumerable positive effects on human body and behavior. In a stressful situation, sniffing oranges or lavender can significantly reduce anxiety and panic because these fragrances have the property of soothing nerves. In a study, it was established that a group after having sniffed oranges and lavender felt more positive, less anxious and a lot calmer as opposed to the participants of the group that was not exposed to any fragrance.

3. To be able to learn something new

Aroma that helps: Rosemary

Rosemary oil fragrance has been used as a memory booster since times immemorial. Even in Shakespeare’s play by the same name, Ophelia used to stroll around the castle picking rosemary for remembrance. Research studies established that a group of students that were exposed to rosemary oil, outperformed the other participants in activities where memory, concentration, alertness were the benchmarks.

4. To aid pain management

Aroma that helps: Lavender or Peppermint

Over time, several studies have been conducted on patients who were undergoing laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery or other relatively painful surgeries, treatments and therapies. The patients who were exposed to lavender oil during anesthesia through the face mask needed significantly less morphine and analgesics post surgery. Similar results were found by using peppermint fragrance. It has also been found that such strong aromatic smells are as effective as acetaminophen and can considerably ease headache pain.

5. To ease menstrual cramps

Aroma that helps: Essential Oils

In a study, women were divided into three groups. One group received a 15-minute abdominal massage using aromatherapy essential oils on a daily basis, starting a week before their periods. The other group was given massages with plain oils without fragrance while the third group didn’t undergo any therapy. Women from the first group reportedly experienced decreased menstrual cramps and general discomfort. A gentle self massage can be done using essential oils to ease menstrual cramps and pain.

6. To increase your libido

Aroma that helps: Baby Powder

Sniffing baby powder along with cucumber and licorice, has been proved to substantially increase libido in women. This happens because there is an increased vaginal blood flow upon being exposed to such fragrances. Reportedly 13% increase in blood flow is possible merely by sniffing these particular smells. Similarly, pumpkin pie and lavender have been found to increase blood flow by 11%.

7. To feel younger

Aroma that helps: Pink Grapefruit

This refreshing citrus fragrance is known for its invigorating and revitalizing properties. String citrus smell is bound to instantly make you feel younger and dynamic. Fresh citrus smell not only makes you feel fortified, but is also known to change perceptions. In an interesting study, a group of people were made to sniff fresh pink grapefruit before judging the model’s age by looking at their pictures. The whole set of people perceived the models as being 3 years younger than their actual age.

8. To boost your workout

Aroma that helps: Peppermint

Peppermint vapors are found to boost energy, speed, confidence, power and motivation amongst people involved in strenuous physical activities like cardiovascular exercises, workout at gym, strength training, sports, marathons etc. A number of athletes all over the world sniff peppermint inhalers prior to their performances. Reebok even invented a sports bra with an inbuilt peppermint smell.

9. To sleep more soundly

Aroma that helps: Lavender

People have been using lavender flowers filled pillows to treat insomnia since a very long time. This is because of the simple fact that exposing yourself to the blissful smell of lavender calms your nerves and aids deep sleep. A few drops of lavender essential oil can be sprayed onto a handkerchief and sniffed or directly sprayed onto your pillow. This aromatic fragrance is one the most effective and all natural way to help people with acute insomnia.

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