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8 Myths busted about women infertility


The inability of a couple to conceive even after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse can be termed as infertility. The effect of infertility remains equal among both men and women. Today the case of infertility could be treated by various medications or surgeries and it helps a couple to become fertile. Infertility could be seen as a major crisis among the couples that goes on to threaten relationship deeply. It affects the couple both emotionally and physically. Couples of child bearing age who fail to conceive even after trying a year or two should immediately consult a doctor asking for medical help for infertility.

Following are the top eight myths about infertility among women:

1. Infertility exists only in women

Males are responsible for infertility as much as women. The percentage infertility of both of them remains 40 percent of the time. In spite of the percentage alone, there is also a 20 percent of mixed causes for infertility. It is a myth that infertility affects only women.

If a couple is finding hard to conceive then, they should seek medical help as the problem may persists with anyone of them.

2. Infertility is uncommon and getting pregnant is easy

Infertility is becoming very common these days in today’s women due to their eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles, like smoking, drinking etc. Infertility is experienced by 10-15 percent of newly married couples. Conceiving becomes a harder part of a couple’s life due to various factors involved, like oligospermia and azoospermia.

3. Psychological relaxation could cure infertility

Infertility is caused due to physical problems in the reproductive system in a men or a women. This physical issues of not being able to conceive give rise to mental stress which affects a person psychologically. Thus, relaxing psychologically could never cure infertility.

4. In case of infertility, adoption is the only option

Adoption is not the only option in case of infertility. Though expensive, effective medical treatments for infertility has advanced a long way and could be tried out before considering adoption as the last option as the cause of infertility. Adoption is only suggested if the couple runs out of medical help and other options.

5. Infertility can ruin your marriage

It is about the understanding between a couple and not an insignificant reason like infertility that would jeopardize your marriage. Though infertility could cause a lot of emotional issues and psychological grief, it is highly improbable that such a problem would end your marriage.

6. Infertility arises only when women turns into 30s

Regardless of the age, infertility is a problem among all women and this has been proved by the RSC (Reproductive Science Center) report. Women becomes less fertile as their age passes. Chromosome abnormalities is also one of the cause for infertility. The highest percentage of infertility being 87 percent prevails in women who are 45 years old, and not in the age of 30.

7. Double strength of Aspirin could help in fertility

Aspirin could affect the ovulation in an adverse manner, but there is no definitive or conclusive results that it would help in fertility. It is always advisable to take aspirin or any type of medicines as per doctor’s prescription or else some other side effects for aspirin overdose may arise.

8. Past record of healthy conception

It’s not necessary that women who have a healthy past conception record will never face infertility in case of the second child. There could be changes in hormone levels which, in turn, could cause infertility. It is necessary to keep checking your sexual health to ensure that you does not have to face infertility all of a sudden.

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