7 Strategies to help your teen cope with drug abuse

Drug abuse among teens and pre-teens is mounting concerns for parents these days, besides, it is hard to identify this at the early stage and put an end to it. Teens use drugs, alcohol and inhalants because they feel like they need to escape from a situation, it could be anything from quarreling parents to poor grades at school, or they do it because their friends do it since it makes them feel mature. Initially, teens would just want to experiment but before they know it, they get addicted to the drugs which results in lack of interest in social life, low grades, poor health, mental struggles, etc. If you find your teen showing no interest whatsoever in what is happening around him/her, then he or she is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse. Before it becomes any harder to stop them, follow these few steps to help cure drug abuse in the teen years.

Drug treatment therapy

This is the last thing a drug addict would like to do, to become the part of some crowd which would talk about their addiction and stuff. But this is exactly why your children should go through the group therapy, the whole treatment actually, since this will let them know that they are not the only one who is having a hard time quitting and is confused almost all the time. This will give them a small amount of hope and they won’t feel like a freak or anything less than any normal teen. At the initial stage of the treatment, they may not feel up to it, but don’t pressurize them. Drug addicts don’t take it well when they get pushed into doing stuff that they are reluctant to do. So be patient, the fact that they agreed to get over the addiction must be taken into account.

Serve nutritious food

When they were addicted, they would have neglected taking in foods that are good for their health, so it is time that they take in every nutritious food that is there. As soon as they wake up, rather than giving them coffee, give them a glass full of rich orange juice, it will revive their system. Breakfast should comprise of a bowl of fruits and vegetables, eggs and milk, and a slice of bread. This will get their system back to normal. You help them follow this diet for a week or two, adding new fruit slices everyday, so that they don’t get bored with eating the same stuff again and again.

Keep them busy

This is one of the most important steps that needs to be followed. If your teen has a lot of time on his/her hands, they may be tempted to puff a joint. After all, willpower can only work so far. Teens and pre-teens falling under drug abuse don’t normally have any control over their addiction, so it is totally in your hands to make them feel better and back to normal. After breakfast, give them a schedule as to what to do, enroll them in some classes, dance or some social benefit class, whichever one they like. Keep them occupied from morning till bedtime, this will give them little time to think of anything else.

Talk to your teen about new therapy

You may think this is unnecessary since you have already spoken to your teen and they have agreed to do all you ask them to. The second time, talking with your teen is just as equally important as the first time. However, don’t come across as preachy, since that may tempt them to go back to the old habits. Have a heart to heart chat, ask them how they feel now, now that they are in a totally different lifestyle. This shows that you care even after that they’ve changed ways. Trust me, teens need to know that they are loved no matter what they have done.

Set some basic boundaries

This is another important step that needs to be followed without any glitches. Set some boundaries and limits so your troubled teen knows where he or she stands. Setting boundaries and limitations are a wise move, only if they are firm and not suffocating. Talk to your teen about the importance of sticking to the boundaries, so they don’t get angered by these sudden limitations. Teens have a tendency to disobey their parents and troubled teens would do exactly that if they get the chance. So, you will have to tread carefully when setting some simple rules and regulations. Talking this through is a must, because they will understand what you are trying to do and will comply with it.

Make your presence felt

Take part in his or her activities so they know you are always there to look out for them. Teens going through a troubled phase have a hard time coping with new extracurricular activities, and to have you around in this turbulent time will give them hope. So, as much as you can, be present at your troubled teen’s treatment sessions and extra curricular activities that he or she may have been enrolled in. This will help them to get through this hard time, and they will understand this drug addiction has not only made things harder for them but also for their family, and they will learn to be happy once again.

Keep track of prescription drugs

It is vital to keep a tab on the prescription drugs at home because the most common drugs that are abused by teenagers these days are prescription drugs. They may have agreed to quit but when a joint or pill is right in front of them, they wouldn’t be able to control the urge. So, it will be better if you have drugs present at home checked and rechecked. If you find them of no use, don’t hesitate to throw them out. Having unnecessary prescription drugs at home is like an open invitation for teenagers trying to call it quits.

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