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6 Unhealthy habits that can ruin your smile

Unhealthy habits

Lifestyle and certain lifestyle habits are changing with time and so are the various eating and drinking habits. These habits are taking a toll on your teeth, mouth, and eventually your smile.

Stress is the root cause of such habits and slowly it affects our smile and oral health. Let us talk about a few of such bad habits which should be shunned. This will ensure you have strong teeth and a healthy mouth to flash a sweet smile whenever you want.

1. Nail biting

This is the most commonly found bad habit in children and even adults. When thinking, during stressed times, people tend to put their nails under their teeth and bite on them continuously. This is an unhygienic habit as all the dirt from the nails will enter your mouth and cause bacterial infections and stomach infections later on. When you bite on your nails this dirt enters your mouth with your saliva. Besides this, your nails get broken and chipped due to constant nibbling. Also your teeth tend to chip and break when you bite your nails often. Gum infections and cavities can be formed due to nail biting. Instead of biting on your nails you can use other methods of stress relief.

2. Grinding of teeth

When you are sleeping, your subconscious mind is still working and at this time if you remember the stress you have faced during the day, then you tend to grind your teeth. Teeth grinding is extremely hazardous for your teeth as it can cause chipping, cracking, fracturing of your teeth. All this causes gum ache and even results in headache. People, who grind their teeth, often have toothache and hence always some of the other dental issues keep erupting. This habit can be curbed down by wearing a teeth guard at night, while sleeping.

3. Ice crushing

When people have a drink which has ice cubes in it, some of them tend to chew these ice cubes with their teeth. As ice is very hard, chewing it can cause chipping of your teeth. The enamel layer of teeth can break and cause fractures in teeth. The coldness of ice can cause the nerves connected to the teeth to get damaged as well. Instead of crushing the ice with your teeth you can let it melt in your mouth.

4. Soft drink consumption

The new lifestyle has brought along drinking of soft drinks which are aerated and contain acids. Soft drinks contain excessive sugar which damages the teeth and eventually your whole body system. The acid in the carbonated drinks can cause a lot of cavities in your teeth. The carbon dioxide present in these drinks is known to dissolve the calcium from your teeth and it causes erosion and tooth decay. Hence avoid excessive consumption of carbonated drinks and if you have to drink them prefer the diet ones.

5. Hard brushing

People buy hard bristled toothbrushes and tend to brush really hard to whiten their teeth. They feel, by brushing very hard they can make their teeth look good. Instead by brushing hard the upper protective layer or enamel of the teeth gets damaged and hence causing sensitivity of teeth. Sensitivity is the stinging feeling in your teeth when you eat something very cold or very hot. Your teeth tends to wear out with hard bristle brushes and many dental issues can rise. A brush with softer bristles can be used in cleaning the teeth and it would not harm your mouth and teeth.

6. White wine

People who are avid wine drinkers prefer drinking white wine as it does not cause stains on your teeth like red wine. However white wine is extremely acidic and causes permanent damage to your teeth. When you drink wine regularly the upper protective layer of teeth starts to vanish and the lower dark colored layers become visible. Also your teeth tends to look yellow and very bad. You need to wash your mouth well after you drink white wine to prevent any kind of harm to your teeth. Once the upper enamel layer diminishes, your teeth can easily get discolored.

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