5 Causes and cure of bad breath

bad breath causes and cure

A big amount is spent on dental health per year, yet 75% of the world population suffers from bad breath. This foul smell stops few of us from meeting people even. Think, if you are into a profession of communicating like teachers, lawyers, a PR professional then how you can take the risk of not talking? In medical terms, this odor is known as Halitosis; unpleasant odors exhaled in breathing. Maintaining oral hygiene can only help resolving this problem.

Top 5 causes of bad breath

1. An unclean mouth
This foul smell is caused by the volatile sulfur compounds in your mouth which are produced by the bacteria in mouth. These compounds are found in your teeth, throat, and tonsils and under the top layer of tongue. If mouth is not cleansed properly, then surely bacteria will originate. Also because, mouth is exposed to less oxygen and is inactive during the night, the odor is usually worsens in the morning.

2. Poor diet
a. Food with strong odors like garlic, onion, meat, fish, and cabbage contain high amounts of sulfur compounds which causes bad breath. All these types of foods contribute to bad breath.

b. Drugs like penicillamine and lithium when taken on a long term basis cause the same.

c. Alcoho and beverages such as wine and coffee are other reasons for the bad breath. Smoking and chewing tobacco based products can irritate the gum tissues and stain teeth easily.

d. Low carbohydrates diet also cause the same problem. These ‘low carb’ diets cause the body to burn fat and this type of breathe is called ‘ketone breath’

3. Improper brushing
While brushing, the front areas get much attention because these areas are much easier to reach. Rest of the inaccessible areas like back of the tongue, throat and tonsils are neglected. Improper brushing is a big reason for foul smell, in fact.

4. Hormonal changes
Pregnancy and a disturbed menstruation circle in females too, sometimes cause bad breath.

5. Illness of any other kind
a. Diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, dehydration and the deficiency of zinc can also cause bad breath.

b. Piercing of tongue and lip can causes infections, which is responsible for bad breath.

5 Cures for bad breath

1. Oral hygiene
By following hygiene one can get rid of this foul smell. Oral hygiene includes proper brushing, tongue cleaning, flossing, and a regular visit to the dentist. It is important to remove rotting food debris between the teeth, especially at the gum line. Dental floss should be used to remove food and dental plaque from the mouth. Moreover, mouth washes containing chlorhexidine, zinc gluconate and essential oils are strongly recommended for cleansing.

2. Don’t let your mouth dry
Dry mouth means less saliva which further means less oxygen. And if less oxygen is available in the oral environment, this causes sulfur bacteria. In a nutshell, bad breath occurs. So, it is advised to keep your mouth moist, take plenty of water and liquid to save it from dryness.

3. Diet enriched with carbohydrates
A balanced and right diet is essential to avoid this embarrassing smell. Green vegetables, grain based foods and fruits are recommended for good carbo diet. Fruits contain a certain percentage of water; hence this is a good diet plan to overcome this problem.

4. Regular visit to the dentists
Go and see your dentist after a regular interval of time. This is a truly necessary for your good dental health. Else, changing tooth brush after every 3 months and using calcium based tooth paste and brushing twice in a day can help you a lot.

5. Prefer home remedies
a. Fenugreek, also known as ’methi’ is an effective home remedy for this. Boil methi seeds in cold water for 15 minutes on low flame. Strain the mixture and take it like fenugreek tea.

b. Guava is an excellent option. It is a good source of oxalic nad tannic acids. It strengthens the teeth and avoid bleeding in gums. Also, chewing fresh and young leaves of guava can help in stopping this problem.

c. Parsley and clove can help in fighting this problem. Boil chopped parsley and few pieces of clove and wait until it cools. Take this mixture as a mouth wash and gargle after every meal.

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