11 Miraculous ways for working women to reduce belly fat

If you have started noticing accumulation of fat on your belly, start working on it right away. Because of more adipose tissues, belly, waist and hip area are most prone to fat accumulation. This does not mean that you can not get rid of it, though it may not be easy to shed it without proper planning. If you are a working lady this battle against the bulge might be a little difficult for you because of hectic office hours. But ladies, this is not an excuse! All you need to know is to understand the reason behind it and not get too panicky. A disciplined routine and willingness would keep you going. Remember, there is no shortcut to success, you would have to combine correct diet with the right exercise schedule, and nothing can stop you from attaining that sexy waist.

Know what you eat

If you are wondering over the reason behind all that fat, the answer is simple: your calorie intake is more than what your body burns in a day. So you got to cut down those extra calories. The easiest way is to shun deep fried and greasy food stuff. You might enjoy those french fries but the amount of fat its single serving adds to your body may show on your belly if you are not keen on burning those extra calories. If you are digging your tooth in fatty eatables a little too often, you got to stop it. This would close door for the excess calories to enter your body.

Don’t starve yourself

One big mistake is to run to work without having proper breakfast. Working women often remain glued to their work and do not find time for small snacks. The biggest harm you could do to yourself is by skipping meals. While people think that this may reduce calories intake, the fact is, it may have the opposite effect on your body. Our body is a smart machine. The more you starve it, the more it tries to save for a rainy day. So, if you skip meals often, your body would save more fat from your meals to utilize it when it does not get anything. Hence, you pile up more. Divide your food intake into 5-7 small meals to be taken throughout the day. This way the stomach won’t pass the message of starvation to your brain and it would not direct the body to store fat.

Burn what your body does not need

You got to gear up to shed the fat that you have already piled up on your tummy. Even if you limit your calorie intake, take on exercises to keep your body in shape. Exercising helps you by sending a positive message to your body. Working women often do not get much opportunity to move around. You might be sitting in front of your computer for nine hours solving mind boggling equations, your body does not get to exercise throughout the day. It becomes hard for a sedentary body to lose fat easily. The more physically active your body is, the more quickly it loses weight. So, make sure that you do cardio and other exercises to keep your body active and to burn what you eat.

It is good to ditch your chair

Sitting on chair for long hours, sitting or walking with wrong posture can be a culprit behind your belly fat. You might be having loads of work, it should not deter you from getting up from your station and taking a short walk within office premises for two-three minutes. Do this every one hour. Stretch your legs and hands when you are in washroom, instead of ordering something to your work station go to the cafeteria to have it, these small efforts would keep your body active. Researches have proved, that people who are active through most of the part of a day have lesser chance of piling up calories or gaining weight compared to people who take to exercising once a day. While at home, avoid becoming a couch potato. A small activity like playing with your pup goes a long way in keeping your body active.

Go green

You might prefer the low cal wheat pasta in your office canteen over homemade lunch that claims most of your time in the mornings, but there in no doubt that the more natural you are, the better your body is. Avoid packaged food as often as you can. A spicy fruit salad or a glass of chilled fruit juice is way better than the cheese laden sandwich or even zero-fat bread that you may find at your favorite grocery store. Include raw food in your diet, not only is it less in calories, it also cleans up your system thus making burning of calories too easy for body. Fruits, veggies, sprouts, etc., are not laden with harmful preservatives that make the body sluggish. They get digested easily and give you a sense of fulfillment thus reducing the craving for food.

Make an executable exercise plan

If you are working ten hours a day and you have made an exercise schedule of two hours a day, you might not succeed. Stick to one simple mantra, it’s not the hours of exercise that counts, it is the consistency. Firstly, it is important to talk to your gym instructor and to zero in on an exercise that is suitable for your body. Secondly, start with small sessions. They do not give much stress to the body. If you do not enjoy cardio, go for yoga, aerobics or even dancing. Executable exercise plan makes it easy to stick to it, thus delivering results.

Stick to your plan

Be flexible with your plan so you could actually try to fit it in your schedule. Do not fall in trap of a crash diet or a crash exercise regimen which may actually cause your body to break down due to over-exertion. Sometimes results may take time, but if you are disciplined, you would get results. During weekdays, it maybe hard to exercise for an hour or so. No problem, you can do skipping or jogging for twenty minutes. But in such cases do utilize your weekends or half days to exercise for longer duration. Do not compromise on diet. While you do not need to starve yourself, control the portions so that you do not end up over stuffing yourself.

Identify the hidden calories

The excess oil in fried and deep fried food can be traced easily, sometimes unseen calories amount to those excess unwanted ones. You may not include lots of such food in your main meals, but monitor your snacking habits. A spoonful of dessert from a friend’s plate or a bottle of soft drink count too. The problem with such habits is that people ignore these calories while analyzing their eating habits. While grains are a good source of nutrition, intake of the ones with too many carbohydrates can be reduced.

Drink plenty of water

If you work mostly inside your office, there is little chance that you get to do some field work. Such people don’t sweat often due to lack of physical exercise. Sweat helps in removing toxins from the body. You should drink plenty of water to help keep your system clean. Not only does it suppress your desire of munching every few minutes, but it also helps in toning of muscles by keeping them hydrated. It helps in digestion and helps reduce cholesterol, thus preparing an ideal situation for your body to lose weight.

Do abs exercise

Exercise your abs to lose fat from the belly area. Crunches are known to be very effective solution to this. However, do not start doing crunches on your own if you have started exercising recently. You need to strengthen your back before being able to pull it off properly, otherwise you may injure your spine or back muscles. Stretching and bending exercises also help in reducing fat from the tummy area. But doing crunches alone isn’t going to help you. They are effective when combined with other exercises.

Eat three hours before you sleep

It is necessary to give your body ample time to digest food. Ideally it takes around 2-4 hours to digest a heavy meal. Take a light dinner because all that you have to do after that is to sleep, which doesn’t give your body a chance to use its calories. Do not go to bed immediately after having meal because it does not get digested while you sleep. Ideal way would be to have a very nutritious breakfast and a really light dinner. You can prefer yogurt, vegetable salad, pulses, etc for your dinner. These are light, less greasy, nutritious and get digested easily. And also, for a working lady these are easy and hassle free options for dinner. A light dinner would keep you energized and kicking for the next day at work.

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