10 Uncommon allergy triggers

Unusual Allergies

Millions of people suffer from a medley of allergies affecting various parts of the body. But at least once in a while we meet people who have strange allergic reactions to things that we consider very safe. This could be water, chocolates, and even sex! Discussed below are some of the strangest and worst allergies that can affect people and many of them are so distressing that it tampers with their ability to live a normal and happy life.

1. Multiple Food Allergies

This could be a difficult allergy to live with. It is a very rare condition when you cannot eat or drink almost everything that is available on earth. Kids have been reported to have such severe hypersensitivity that some of them cannot eat anything except water and others cannot touch water itself. These kids have to be nourished through tubes inserted into their stomach. Indeed an uncommon and difficult allergy.

2. Cellphone Rash

As the name implies, cellphone rashes are mostly caused due to the use of cellphone. It appear along the jaw, cheeks and ears as red and bumpy rashes or blisters. These rashes are not due to radiation exposure which is very common among cellphone users. But appear due to nickel exposure on the skin surface. Nickel is a metal that is commonly used on the buttons of cell phones, headsets and frames of mobile screens and frequent exposure to nickel can lead to allergies. Nickel allergy is pretty common among women with up to 17 percent suffering from it as against 3 percent of the women. You most probably have a nickel allergy if you get an itchy rash when you touch coins, ornaments, buckles etc. made of nickel.

3. Seminal Fluid

This could be surprising and one that would pose a great threat to your sexual life. Allergy to seminal fluid is a rare allergy when the woman develops rashes, burning sensation and welts upon contact with the semen. Known as human seminal plasma hypersensitivity, is often confused with some kind of sexually transmitted disease. The reaction is almost immediate and unmistakable. The treatment for this condition normally involves use of condoms and gradual exposure to semen until the body gets used to it and finally overrun the allergic reaction.

4. Kiss

Whilst the cause of the allergy is not exactly kissing act but the food, medicine or cosmetics that can get transferred to your body to which you may be allergic to. Kissing causes saliva to transfer the chemicals or other particles which can even cause death if it is severe allergic reaction. Thus, if your partner has a potential food or cosmetic allergy, the only way to control his allergy and prevent an anaphylaxis shock is to keep away from the food and cosmetic yourself as kissing can most definitely pass these on to your partner however much you try to avoid it.

5. Water

It is a very rare allergy and something that can be real difficult to live with when you consider the fact that up to 70 percent of our body is water. Water allergy is known as aquagenic urticaria and manifests itself as welts and hives that can be very painful and result in swelling of the throat when the allergy is severe. One would wonder as to how these people survive. Some take carbonated beverages and there are others who have to be very quick when they take bath so that the histamines can be prevented from causing the allergic reaction.

6. Cold Temperature

Some people just break into rashes and hives when there is a dip in temperature. The skin can become red, inflamed and itchy by just sucking on something frozen or by being near a frozen food stall. A harmless action like swimming can even become their death bed if the water is too cold and lead to shock and death. This condition may be caused due to sensitive skin and hereditary factors.

7. Hot Temperature

In some others, heat can trigger the same reactions as cold temperature. Heat urticaria develops when the person is exposed to temperatures higher than 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The skin starts becoming reddish with swelling and itching when the body turns hot. This can be due to exercise, hot climatic conditions, eating spicy food, hot showers etc.

8. Exercise Allergy

Though this may seem bizarre, such allergies do exist. Exercise allergy can be due to the heating up of the body and hence can also be a form of heat allergy. But there are also a few who cannot tolerate physical exertion, especially after they have taken certain kinds of food or medications for other conditions. Exercise induced anaphylaxis can lead to skin irritation and itching, swelling that is concentrated around the neck and the torso area and hives. These people are faced with high BP or a choking hazard which can even lead to death. They must always have an epinephrine kit ready with them when they are out.

9. Dermatographia

Dermatographia or allergic reaction to touch presents itself with itching, rashes and redness on the area. The skin gets inflamed and this can last for a few minutes. As this disease makes it possible to scratch any design or word on to the skin, it is known as skin writing disease.

10. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

For most of us, routine tasks like using a computer, microwave, cleaning or travelling by car are normal activities. People with multiple chemical sensitivity will immediately get flu, running nose or a headache or other symptoms like itchiness and rash formations on the skin. The reasons could be exposure to electromagnetic fields, chemical substances that they are allergic to or even unknown allergies that could be groping in the dark. Such people will have to look for gadget free zones and use protective sheaths and paints on their houses to keep themselves from breaking out into allergic manifestations.

Uncommon allergies are very difficult to live with. Let’s hope that we are not faced with such distressing conditions!

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