10 tips to quick heal a bone

10 tips to quick heal a bone

A broken bone can be very painful. It does not only limit your daily routine but also snatches away the mental peace. If you have a bone broken in your body, your doctor must have advised you on different medications and precautions. But, still there are certain measures you can adopt for quick healing of the bone, along with the medications. In this article, we’re listing down 10 tips for quick bone healing to make you feel light and healthy as soon as possible.

1. No drinking

It is advised to stay away from alcohol as much as possible during bone healing process. Actually, what happens that, to heal a bone properly, bone cells form a matrix, which helps in ossifying the broken bone. The consumption of alcohol changes the structure of this matrix, resulting in late and the faulty healing of the bone. It hinders the formation of osteoblasts and decreases their capacity to react to signals that triggers the bone construction after a fracture.

2. No smoking

After facing a fracture, one should avoid smoking in order to help bone heal faster. If you continue smoking after a bone fracture, you develop the risk of a nonunion, which is a non healing of a bone. Also, smoking alters the flow of blood to bones. It is quite necessary for bones to get ample supply of blood which helps the bone cell to grasp essential nutrients, in order to heal quickly.

3. Eliminate caffeine

Including too much cola, coffee and other caffeinated drinks or items in your daily diet increases the risk of loss of calcium through the urine. And, everyone knows that calcium is highly required in the development of bone. So, it’s best to avoid caffeine based drinks in order to boost the rate of quick bone healing.

4. Have a balanced diet that includes calcium

For rapid healing of the bone, it’s very essential to eat a balanced diet which has a high content of calcium in it. Eat calcium rich items, such as, dairy products, whole grain cereals, soybeans, sardines and nuts.

5. Follow doctor’s instructions

Never dismiss doctor’s advice, because they are the only one who can help you feel better and healthier soon. If they have asked you to use crutches, use them. Take a complete rest after the injury. If doctor’s asking you to move the joints to restore its mobility, do it as they say. Also, if they want to schedule a physical therapy, go for it and follow it thoroughly. Never avoid doctor’s prescription and follow it as they say. It’s only for your quick healing and good health.

6. Don’t overdo

Although, you may feel better any day, and it’s might possible you start running or jumping from joy. But, you have to keep in mind that overdoing during an injury can only prove to be hazardous for your health. Don’t feel over excited, instead be composed and conserve your energy to help your body and broken bone heal quickly.

7. Stay happy

If you feel bored and dull lying just on the couch every day, start indulging your-self in some therapeutic activities. Read the comics, watch comedies, call your dear ones or watch a movie to help you feel enlightened. This not only rejuvenates you, but also is a fantastic exercise to heal your bone faster.

8. Take prescribed pain killers when you need them

You have fractured a bone in your body; it is quite obvious that pain can strike you anytime during the healing process. When the pain starts bothering your muscles and joints, don’t bear it. Gulp down the prescribed pain killing pills to soothe your body and mind.

9. Do something for someone

Everyone on this earth needs a little help every time. Just look around and you’ll find plenty of people in need. Do something for them! Although, there may be certain limitations of your body at this point of time, but still there would be something you can do for them. Even if you can’t move, talk to them and pray for them. It will certainly help you to lighten your pain and their pain too.

10. Receive people’s help and bless them

Don’t refuse to take your family and friend’s help in your healing period. If you consider yourself a burden, and don’t let them offer you any sort of help, you are snatching away their happiness they would feel by offering you. Love makes the world go round. Accept their generous help and bless them with your open heart.

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