10 Super Healthy Yogurt Smoothies you can make at home


We are all opting for a healthier lifestyle. Often this healthy lifestyle comes at the cost of tasty food. For instance you are not allowed to indulge in tasty beverages and ice cream shakes. Colas are possibly the unhealthiest of the beverages to consume. But don’t we all love our share of a good beverage? Surely we do and that is why the healthy recipes to make a beverage are extremely handy to have. A healthy smoothie in fact can be a great complement to your daily meals such as a breakfast. Yogurt smoothies are among the healthiest forms of smoothies and in this article we will be telling you about some of the yogurt smoothies than can be whipped up at home.

Some of the easy to make yogurt smoothies

  1. A pineapple orange smoothie:
    This smoothie is a tasty option for your kids to try out and it has the right ratio of everything which magnifies its taste. For this you would require half a cup of orange juice alongside half a cup of lemon or vanilla yogurt. Next up get hold of half a cup of neatly diced pineapples. For this purpose you can even use the canned ones although we will obviously recommend the healthier fresh ones. Now all you need is to mix it up until it is smooth in a blender. Your smoothie is ready and that too from one of the healthy recipes. If you require some more sweetness you can always add some honey or bananas or some syrup in it.
  2. The Strawberry and Banana smoothie: This is one of the healthiest yogurt smoothies that you can get your hands upon. For this you would be needing half a cup of regular or almond milk along with a full banana and half a cup of strawberries. Add to this half a cup of plain yogurt and some little vanilla essence if you seek the flavor and the smoothie is ready to be whirled. Once done in the blender serve this chilled as a very tasty and energetic smoothie which is full of the goodness of these very nutritious fruits.
  3. Raspberry smoothie:
    This is one of the very popular yogurt smoothies and has been a favorite among the kids for many years now. For this smoothie you will need half a cup full of raspberries and half a cup of yogurt. Top this up with half a cup of skimmed milk and some honey to sweeten the smoothie. This is a smoothie that you can easily make at home and this will be a great form of nourishment for all your family members.
  4. Cranberry and peach smoothie: There are few who dislike cranberries and even fewer would be able to resist this very tasty beverage. The first and foremost things that you will need to make this smoothie are a peach neatly peeled and around 10 fresh cranberry or 2 spoons of cranberry sauce. Add to this half a cup of strawberry or vanilla yogurt and one fourth cup of almond or plain milk. This can be put in the blender for a delicious end result and we recommend all of you to try it out. This smoothie works wonders for weight loss.
  5. Tropical Smoothie:
    This is quite possibly one of the tastiest yogurt smoothies. The making of this smoothie requires a cup of coconut milk and along with it half a banana and half a cup full of cut out pineapple chunks. Add to this around three to four strawberries and a half cup of vanilla yogurt. After this if you are seeking some sweetness add a bit of honey and it is almost ready. Whip it up in the blender until smooth and serve chilled alongside a healthy snack for a complete meal.
  6. Addition of protein powder: The importance of protein in our bodies can never be stressed upon enough. So a very nice way to prepare a complete smoothie is to introduce a decent quantity of protein powder in it. Nowadays there are many flavors of protein powder available in the markets. Take a scoop of one such protein variant and add a cup of yogurt and a banana to make a tasty and extremely nutritious smoothie which you can easily make at home.
  7. The orange yogurt smoothie:
    The goodness of Vitamin C is always appreciated. In this particular case you get to have this added with the protein goodness of yogurt. All you need is a peeled orange and a cup of vanilla or plain yogurt. With some added honey you can put it in a blender and then enjoy your tasty beverage.
  8. Beet and Berries smoothie: Take some Greek yogurt alongside a handful or berries and neatly cut beet slices. These along with low fat milk and a banana will amount to around 170 calories which is healthy enough for an after workout snack. This is one of those yogurt smoothies which will make you feel energized in a jiffy.
  9. A coconut Lassi:
    A-coconut-LassiLassi is a yogurt beverage which is very popular in India and some additions to it like coconut and cinnamon only seem to add to its taste and nutritional value. So as an experimental smoothie you can try them out and you will not be disappointed with the end result.
  10. Apple protein smoothie: For this simple yet nutritious smoothie you need a peeled apple and a scoop of protein powder. Then add to it some honey and blend it until smooth. You have the chilled beverage that will soothe your nerves after a bad meal or a heavy workout session.

Final words

The list of smoothies will prove to be a valuable addition to diet. You can try smoothies for gaining some mass and also for weight loss. These recipes are so very easy that you can easily make at home and add some excitement to your breakfast or any other meal. So try them out and enjoy the blissful synthesis of good taste and healthy beverage.

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