10 Stress related health issues

Dealing with stress

Getting stressed out in today’s scenario is inevitable.The next time you are stressed out, remember that your stress can aggravate several other health issues. It invites several ailments like heart disease, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer’s disease and asthma. Below we will discuss these health complications.

1. Obesity

Sustained periods of stress can lead to Obesity. Regular doses of high level stress can make the belly store fat, posing a great health risk. Excess fat on arms or legs won’t trouble you as much as on the abdomen. According to Jay Winner MD research, stress causes higher levels of the hormone cortisol. This is the reason for increased fat in the abdomen.

2. Diabetes

Diabetic patients who suffer from stress worsen their condition. Stress encourages unhealthy eating and drinking habits. People with type 2 diabetes are at a higher risk as stress increases the glucose level in the body.

3. Heart disease

Stress increases your blood pressure and adding up the heart problems. Stress has a direct effect on the heart and the blood vessels. Thus, it is always advisable to the patients with chronic heart trouble to take everything in a cool way.

4. Asthma

Studies suggest that stress can worsen asthma. This can also be in a way hereditary. If the mother takes stress during her expecting days, then the child is prone to develop with problems like asthma and also stress. Kids with stressed out parents have higher chances of getting asthma.

5. Headaches

This is the very first thing that anyone can expect if you have stress. But, the headache that you get due to stress may not be normal. It can be migraine. So better beware.

6. Gastrointestinal problem

If you have stomach ulcer and you are encountering stress, then this can make the condition of your ulcer more critical. Gastrointestinal problem gets elevated due to stress. This is also bad for other gastrointestinal problems like chronic heart-burns.

7. Depression and anxiety

The most common health outcome of stress is depression and anxiety. People who suffer from chronic stress can end up with depression. The stress can be due to personal or professorial reasons. Research has shown that people who suffer from work related stress are 80% more susceptible of developing depression.

8. Accelerated aging

So, all the people who want to increase their longevity, this is for you. Stress will accelerate the aging process and thus increase the mortality rate. The age difference won’t pertain and you would be looking more aged than your original age.

9. Alzeheimer’s disease

Stress can make this disease fatal. It increases the brain lesions and also forming it quickly. Researchers say that taking less stress can help this disease to get cured.

10. Premature death

Ultimately, if a person is not able to cope with stress then it may lead to premature death. A research was done on elderly care givers looking after their better halves. The result was that caregivers had a 63 per cent higher rate of death than people of the same age who were not care givers.

Coping with stress

But you need not to be in despair, because there is a solution for everything. You can learn how to manage stress.

1. Whenever you feel that you are stressed out follow the traditional method and start taking deep breathe. This will relax the entire body and mind and make you feel very perky. When you breathe in start with the muscles in the jaw and while breathing out relax your shoulder.

2. Secondly, try to deviate your mind from the thought that is giving you stress. How about listening to some soothing music? This will lighten up your mood and stress will make an escape out of your life. You can even meditate to help yourself cope with stress. Meditation is a good stress buster.

Since, a healthy mind is very important for a healthy body. So, keeping your mind fit and healthy can be a boon for your health. A stress-free life is a tranquil life.

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