10 steps to stay awake naturally

Stay awake

Feeling sleepy at workplace or in a classroom is natural but these are times when you are supposed to stay awake or you may land in trouble. When you have to stay awake and kill that urge to fall asleep, stop reaching out for coffee or any energy drink always. Try out some natural methods without harming your body to reduce the urge to sleep. Here is a list of some natural methods to get rid of the sleep when you need to be awake.

1. Stand up and walk around

Walk around

When in office and feeling sleepy after lunch, stand up and walk around your cubicle for some time. This will help your brain to switch to the physical activity you are doing and not on the sleep. A brisk walk to the nearby lobby or a quick up-and-down a flight of staircases would help as well.

2. Take it to stop it

Short nap

When longing for a little sleep at work, take a short nap for about 10 mins. This would freshen up your brain and mind and you would not be continuously thinking about sleep. When at work, use your break time to take this short nap. Always use an alarm on your cell phone to wake you up in 10 minutes. A short nap should be taken only once. If you still feel sleepy try other methods.

3. Rest your eyes

Take your eye off for sometime

Sometimes a person feels fatigue in his eyes and then starts feeling sleepy because of that. Rest your eyes a bit while working on a computer for a long time. Close your eyes for some time or look here and there. Wait for some time before you start work again. Get a UV screen fitted on the computer to protect your eyes from excessive exposure.

4. Eat healthy

Consume healthy food

Sometimes hunger can also make you feel a bit sleepy. When such a thing happens eat a healthy snack like a bunch of nuts or a peanut butter sandwich. This can give you the energy to stay awake. You can every drink a fresh fruit juice to give you that extra energy.

5. Talk to someone around you

Talk to anyone

While studying or working talk to someone around you or walk up to someone’s desk for some time. This can divert your mind from sleep and hence freshen you up. Don’t do this often as your colleague might get disturbed. A small 5-minute chat will help you get rid of the sleepiness in your eyes.

6. Brighten the lights

Switch on more lights

When studying late night, brighten the lights in your room a bit more than usual. This will ensure that you don’t fall asleep and keep studying. Bright light hampers the effects of sleep. Use high-powered bulbs in the room and sit under them.

7. Breathe in and out for 5 mins

Deep breathing

When you need to divert your mind from sleep, sit in a straight position and breathe in and out periodically. Do this slowly and deeply. This will relax your brain muscles and divert your mind from sleep. You will feel fresh with the extra intake of oxygen that you just took in. Sleep would not come back.

8. Change tasks

Switch tasks

Do multiple tasks by switching them after short durations. When a person is doing a specific task for a long time he tends to get bored and sleepy. Switch your tasks and hence enthusiasm will be replaced by boredom. Also your task would be done in a much better way.

9. Drink a lot of water

Remain hydrated

Many grandmothers will tell you this that if you feel sleepy and you don’t want to sleep, drink water. Water will hydrate your body and reduce the fatigue in it. This will help reduce the urge to sleep. If you don’t want water you can drink some juices or eat food which can give you good amount of water.

10. Daylight

Let the daylight in

Sometimes, working in a closed and dim lit room can bring about fatigue and laziness. Make sure you open the windows when working there so that daylight enters your room and you feel bright. Daylight will drive away any laziness inside you and make you feel fresh and stay awake.

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